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Hi! I am from Sweden and collect error coins from all nations. I have tried to find one error coin from each nation and have more than 250 different states in my collection. You can search for error coins from Your nation in the registry.

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Antonianus (268-270) copper coin with partial brockage, sharp 0 Roman Empire
25 Ore rotated reverse and obverse 210 degrees. The only I have seen. 1967 Sweden
1 ore in iron, thin planchet could be a flake from die! 1888 Sweden
1 Ore struck in bronze instead of iron, uniquie! could be struck in wrong metal, could be a pattern 1919 Sweden
These are several trial strikes of Swedish i Riksdaler on a copper plate from the Bernadotte era... 0 Sweden
Vatican state 1 Lire 1957, straight egde clip 1957 Italy
10 ore struck in aluminium, normal is nickel, possibly by mistake struck on a pattern 1 ore... 1971 Sweden
1 Krone rotated reverse 50 degrees 1940 Sweden
2 Ore rotated reverse 85 degrees 1948 Sweden
1 Manat 2010 strong double strike second strike offcent 2010 Turkmenistan
1/2 Pence no date two strong off-cent strikes 0 United Kingdom
5 Pesos, rotated dies 45 degrees! 1977 Guinea-Bissau
Bayern 1 Kreuzer small curved clipped planchet 1869 Germany
50 Ore struck with sharp high rim, almost the double thickness 1992 Sweden
20 Lei struck on planchet with bigger diameter with normal coin, normal weight! 1942 Romania
1 Franc from Saint&Miguel straght edge clip 1948 Exonumia North America
2 Lari 2006 strong broadstrike, cupped 2006 Georgia
1 Rouble rotated reverse 90 degrees 2009 Belarus
1 Paisa, full brockage 1946 Nepal
Cahn Thin Thong Bao casting error 0 Vietnam