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Indian Temple Token 0 Akdeveli
Its Chinese, big, massive and with picture of Rhino. 2000 henry12
China Rabbit Year token 0 Akdeveli
VietNam 1 Ðồng fantasy coin -Al- 0 Akdeveli
Temple of Heaven, China. Some kind of proof token. 2005 henry12
Korea-token 2 ND 0 Akdeveli
Korea-token ND 0 Akdeveli
Uzbekistan Bus Token 0 Akdeveli
Uzbekistan Metropoliten Token 0 Akdeveli
Uzbekistan Bus Transport Token 0 Akdeveli
Muscat and Oman quarter anna 1310 Mustafa
Exonumia-Asia Trolley Token 0 Akdeveli
Uzbekistan medallion Tashkent 1993 1993 Akdeveli
Japan gas token, probably made around 1960s? Weight: 4.54g 1900 gxseries
Chinese Game Token 0 Akdeveli
"treasure" game token? same image on front and back. date estimated, 25mm 1990 jurkovms
Hindu wedding jeweler token, unknown metal, supposed to be 999 silver but lightweight 0 ScottO
undated indian temple token 1850 ScottO
Indian temple token, no date 1850 ScottO
a Brass temple token, hard to date but possibly late 19th early 20th C 1900 ScottO
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