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Israel State Mint year 2000 marka 2000 Akdeveli
Israel State Mint year 1999 marka 1999 Akdeveli
Israel State Mint year 1997 marka 1997 Akdeveli
UAEmirates Game Token 0 Akdeveli
Israel-Mint Mark 1978 1978 Akdeveli
Iraq medal 0 HurremSultan
Israel telephone token 0 Akdeveli
c.1980? Israel Telephone token 1980 HKMAL
Token from Lebanon. Kassof Amusment Center 0 henry12
Amev Munt. Token 0 henry12
ISRAEL MEDAL ISRAEL-LIBERATA Hebrew script Female standing left, holding child raised in... 1961 KardGeo
very nice israel telephone token, very nice piece of social history, used up until the 80's, this... 1981 ScottO
1990 AINA annual membership medail token 1990 sandy3075
AINA 1987 annual medal token 1987 sandy3075
AINA 1991 annual medal token 1991 sandy3075
AINA 1989 medal, 22'nd anniversary 1989 sandy3075
1988 American Israel Numismatic Association (AINA) annual 21'st anniversary medal token. 1989 sandy3075
Greetings from Israel medallion 1977 ben_al
Israel, Telephone token, holed.... 1981 vajaho
Bezalel Academy 70th Anniversary - International Society of Postmasters, Series 1976, Silver... 1976 pet