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218-222Ad Elagabalus Ae 26 of Nicopolis ad Istrum Moesia Inferior. Homonoia standing L holding... 218 De-Orc
Probus, Antoninianus, CONCORDIA MILITVM, Victory standing right, holding palm, presenting wreath... 280 De-Orc
Valentinian I. 367-375AD. AE3. GLORIA ROMANORVM, emperor in military dress walking right,... 367 De-Orc
Valens. 364-367AD. AE3 SECVRITAS REIPVBLICAE, Victory walking left, holding wreath and palm.... 364 De-Orc
Licinius 313Ad, Follis. IOVI CON-SERVATORI, Jupiter standing left, holding victory and sceptre,... 313 De-Orc
Licinius I 317-320Ad, Follis. IOVI CONSERVATORI AVGG, Jupiter standing left, holding Victory on a... 317 De-Orc
Tacitus 275-76Ad, Antoninianus. SALVS AVG, Salus standing left, feeding serpent rising from... 275 De-Orc
309-313Ad Maximinus II AE Follis. VIRTVTI EXERCITVS, Virtus walking right with spear, shield and... 309 De-Orc
Licinius II. 317-320AD. Follis IOVI CONSERVATORI CAESS, Jupiter standing left, chlamys across... 317 De-Orc
Probus 277Ad, Antoninianus. MARS VICTOR, Mars walking right, holding spear and trophy. IMP C... 277 De-Orc
Constantine I 307-337Ad. Follis. IOVI CONS-ERVATORI, Jupiter standing left, holding Victory on... 307 De-Orc
281-282 AD Probus, AE quinarius. VICTORIA GERM, two captives seated at the base of a trophy of... 0 De-Orc
384–423 Honorius, AE3. VIRTVS-EXERCITI, Emperor standing left, holding spear & shield.... 384 De-Orc
138-161 Antoninus Pius Denarius. ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P, bare head right / TR POT COS III, Italia... 138 De-Orc
Gratian. 367-383AD. AE3 REPARATIO REIPVB - Gratian standing front, head left, offering right... 367 De-Orc
280-281Ad Probus Silvered Antoninianus. CLEMENTIA TEMP, Probus standing right, holding sceptre,... 280 De-Orc
308-324Ad. Licinius I. Billion Follis. GENIO AVGVSTI, Genius standing left pouring libation from... 312 De-Orc
Probus 276-278Ad, Antoninianus. Size 21mm and weighs 3.76g. RESTITVTOR ORBIS - Emperor in... 276 De-Orc
Aurelian 274-275Ad. Antoninianus. ORIENS AVG, Sol walking left, holding globe and raising right... 274 De-Orc
Valentinian I 364-367Ad. AE3. SECVRITAS-REIPVBLICAE, Victory advancing left, holding wreath and... 264 De-Orc