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Probus 277Ad, Antoninianus. MARS VICTOR, Mars walking right, holding spear and trophy. IMP C... 277 De-Orc
Maximianus, Antoninianus. Struck by Carausius 286-293Ad. PAX AVGGG, Pax standing left, holding... 286 De-Orc
Probus 276-278Ad, Antoninianus. Size 21mm and weighs 3.76g. RESTITVTOR ORBIS - Emperor in... 276 De-Orc
Claudius II, Gothicus 268-270 Ad. AE Antoninianus. FIDES EXERCI, Fides standing left, holding one... 268 De-Orc
Tetricus I 270-273Ad. Antoninianus. PAX AVG, Pax, standing left, holding olive branch and... 270 De-Orc
Aurelian 274-275Ad. Antoninianus. ORIENS AVG, Sol walking left, holding globe and raising right... 274 De-Orc
Constantius II 347-348 Ad. AE3. VICTORIAE DD AVGG Q NN, two Victories facing each other holding... 347 De-Orc
Licinius 313Ad, Follis. IOVI CON-SERVATORI, Jupiter standing left, holding victory and sceptre,... 313 De-Orc
Valentinian I 364-367Ad. AE3. SECVRITAS-REIPVBLICAE, Victory advancing left, holding wreath and... 264 De-Orc
Diocletian 284Ad. AE Antoninianus. IOVI CONSERVATORI AVG, Victory walking right, holding palm,... 284 De-Orc
Valentinian I. 364-367AD. AE3. SECVRITAS REIPVBLICAE, Victory advancing left, holding wreath... 364 De-Orc
Probus, Antoninianus, CONCORDIA MILITVM, Victory standing right, holding palm, presenting wreath... 280 De-Orc
281-282 AD Probus, AE quinarius. VICTORIA GERM, two captives seated at the base of a trophy of... 0 De-Orc
Claudius II Gothicus 268-270Ad. Antoninianus. IOVI STATORI, Jupiter standing holding sceptre and... 268 De-Orc
Gallienus 263Ad, Antoninianus. SOLI CONS AVG, Pegasus springing right. GALLIENVS AVG, radiate,... 263 De-Orc
383-388Ad Arcadius, AE3. VIRTVS E-XERCITI, Emperor standing right, holding labarum and globe,... 383 De-Orc
Gordian III 238–244Ad, AE27. Magistrate Modestus. VP CAB MODECTOV NIKOPOLEITWN PROC IC-TRON in... 238 De-Orc
491-518Ad Anastasius I. Follis. Constantinople. Large M, star to left & right, cross. DN... 491 De-Orc
Denarius of Trajan. PM TRP COS VI PP SPQR, Felicitas left, holding caduceus & cornucopiae. IMP... 116 De-Orc
259-268Ad Billon Antoninianus Salonina Wife of Gallienus. FECVNDITAS AVG-Fecunditas, standing,... 259 De-Orc
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