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251-253Ad. Trebonianus Gallus Antoninianu. PIETAS AVGG, Pietas, veiled, standing left, raising... 251 De-Orc
270-273Ad Tetricus I. Antoninianus. SALV AVGG, Salus standing left, holding wreath and rudder.... 270 De-Orc
270-273Ad Tetricus I. Antoninianus. SPES PVBLICA, Spes advancing left holding flower and raising... 270 De-Orc
268-270Ad Victorinus Antoninianus. PAX AVG, Pax standing left, holding branch and sceptre. V-star... 268 De-Orc
Circa 296-297 Diocletian Follis. CONCORDIA MILITVM, Jupiter presents Victory on a globe to... 296 De-Orc
309Ad Maxentius Follis. AETERNITAS AVG N, the Dioscuri Castor and Pollux standing facing each... 309 De-Orc
275-276Ad Billon antoninianus Emperor Tacitus. FELICITAS SAECVLI, Felicitas standing, sacrificing... 275 De-Orc
Circa 193 Septimius Severus AE24 Four-assaria of Odessos, Thrace. OΔHCCEITΩN, the Great God of... 193 De-Orc
Circa 260Ad Gallienus Sole reign. Billon antoninianus. NEPTVNO CONS AVG, hippocamp springing... 260 De-Orc
270Ad Quintillus Antoninianus. VICTORIA AVG, Victory walking right, holding wreath and palm. G in... 270 De-Orc
Circa 140Ad Diva Faustina Senior wife of the Emperor Antoninus Pius Denarius. AETERNITAS, Juno... 140 De-Orc
247-258Ad Gallienus joint reign & Valerian. Antoninianus PIETASAVGG - Gallienus & Valerian... 247 De-Orc
161-175Ad Thrace, Pautalia, Faustina II, AE20. OVLPIAC PAVTALIAC, Tyche standing,... 161 De-Orc
491-518Ad Anastasius I. Follis. Constantinople. Large M, star to left & right, cross. DN... 491 De-Orc
259-268Ad Billon Antoninianus Salonina Wife of Gallienus. FECVNDITAS AVG-Fecunditas, standing,... 259 De-Orc
65Ad As NERO CLAVD CAESAR AVG GER P M TR P IMP P P, laureate. S-C, Victory flying left, holding... 65 De-Orc
337-340Ad. Helena, mother of Constantine I. reduced follis. FL IVL HELENAE AVG, diademed and... 337 De-Orc
330-335Ad. Constantine I AE4, CONSTANTI-NVS MAX AVG, rosette-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust... 330 De-Orc
316Ad. Licinius I, Follis. IMP LIC LICINIVS PF AVG, Laureate head right, IOVI CON-SERVATORI,... 316 De-Orc
284-5Ad. Carinus, Antoninianus. IMP C M AVR CARINVS AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust... 284 De-Orc
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