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almost Unidentifiable roman coin, however small amount of detail on the reverse puts this at... 36 ScottO
51–81Ad As Caeser, 81-96Ad Emperor Domitian AE25 of Antioch, Syria. DOMITIANVS CAESAR, laureate... 51 De-Orc
unidentified large roman coin 0 ScottO
unidentifed roman coin 0 ScottO
possible follis of maximinus II 305 ScottO
337-340Ad. Helena, mother of Constantine I. reduced follis. FL IVL HELENAE AVG, diademed and... 337 De-Orc
unidentified roman coin 0 ScottO
constantine era AE3 400 ScottO
Tiberius II Constantine Follis 578 ScottO
constantine era AE3 307 ScottO
a Roman coin from the era of Constantine. 323 ScottO
CONSTANTIUS II A.D. 337-361 Æ Centenionalis. Rev. FEL TEMP REPARATIO, Soldier spearing fallen... 340 jessvc1
possibly a follis of Severus II 306 ScottO
as of yet unidentified roman coin 0 ScottO
unknown roman coin, possible commemorative 300 ScottO
very nice constantine AE3 hard to distinguish mint 307 ScottO
unidentifable roman coin 0 ScottO
Constantius Gallus 351-354 FEL TEMP REPARATIO, helmeted soldier with shield on his left arm... 351 boraxbunny
CLAUDIUS A.D. 41-54 Æ Quadrans. TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG, Modius. Rev. PON M TR IMP COS DES IT... 41 jessvc1
roman coin of Constantine II, good obverse, reverse more worn. 323 ScottO
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