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Julia Domna 193-211AD, Wife of Septimius Severus Roman Provinical Obv: Bust facing right... 193 echizento
Byzantine Empire Justin II 565-578AD Obv:DN IVSTINVS PP AVG Rev:ANNO X OC TES mint. AE/20mm... 565 echizento
Constantine I 307-337AD Barbaric Immination, inscriptions are reversed. AE/17mm 1.7 grams 330 echizento
Helena, mother of Constantine the great. Obv:FLIVL HELENAE AVG Rev:PAX PVBLICA CONS mint... 324 echizento
Caracalla 188-217AD Roman Provinical Obv:AVT M AVP???? Rev: NHG AE/30mm 16.5 grams 188 echizento
Severus Alexander 222-235AD, Roman Provinical Tomis 4 Assaria AE/25mm 10.5 grams 222 echizento
Quintillus 270AD Obv:IMP CM AVR CL QVINTILLVS AVG Obv:Providentia standing left holding wand... 270 echizento
Gordian III 238-244AD Viminacium,Moesia Obv:IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG Rev:PMSC OLVIM ANIIII... 243 echizento
Faustina Jr. Wife of Marcus Aurelius 127-176AD Roman Provinical, Pautalia, Thrace AE/21mm 6.1... 170 echizento
Otacilia Severa 244-249AD Wife of Philip I. Double struck on the reverse. AE/18mm 2.0 grams 244 echizento
Aurelian 270-275AD Obv:IMP AVRELIANVS AVG Rev:IOVI CONSERATORI P (1st officina) AE/24 3.9... 270 echizento
Domitian 81-96AD Roman Provinical Obv: AVP??EVA?? Rev: NIKO AICNEDKO AE/21mm 4.6 grams 81 echizento
Valentinian II 375-392AD Obv:DN VALENTINIANS PF AVG Rev:VOT V MVLT X AE/15mm 1.3 grams 375 echizento
Lininius 308-324AD Obv:IMP LICINIVS PF AVG Rev: Campgate coin still has a little silvering... 308 echizento
Justinian 527-565AD Obv: DN IVSTINIAVS PP AVC Rev: ANNO XIIu 1/2 follis AE/27mm 9.5 grams 545 echizento
Constantine I 307-337AD Obv: IMP CONSTANTINVS PF AVG Rev: Jupiter standing left holding victory... 307 echizento
Julian II 360-363AD Rev: VOT X MVLT XX HERAC AE/20mm 2.9 grams 360 echizento
Domitian 81-96AD Roman Provinical, Judaea Capta, commemorating the suppression of the Jewish... 81 echizento
Trajan Decius 249-251 AD AR/Denrius 12mm 1.3 grams 249 echizento
Severus Alexander 222-235AD Roman Provincial AE/20mm 3.7 grams 222 echizento
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