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Herennia Etruscilla 249-251AD, Wife of Trajan Decius Roman Provinical Obv:HER ETRVSCILLA AVG... 249 echizento
Constantine I 301-337AD Obv:CONSTANTINVS AVG Rev:CONSTANTINVS AVG VOT XXX SMHB Mint Emperor... 330 echizento
Aurelian 270-275AD Obv:IMP AVRELIANVS AVG Rev:ORIENS AVG XXIP AE/23mm 4.4 grams 270 echizento
Constantine I 307-337AD Obv:IMP CONSTANTINVS PF AVG ReV: SOLI INV? ?*? AE/19mm 2.7 grams 307 echizento
Salonina, wife of Gallienus died 268AD Rev: Deer advancing left AE/19mm 1.5 grams 268 echizento
Geta, Roman provinical, Markianopolis, Moesia inferior AE/19mm 3.7 grams 212 echizento
Byzantine Empire Manuel, Comnenus Ducas 1230-1237 Billion trachy 30mm 4.0 grams 1230 echizento
Gratian 367-383AD Obv: DN GRATIANUS PF AVG Rev:VOT XV MLVT XX AE/15mm 1.2 grams 367 echizento
Julian II 360-363AD AE/16mm 2.0 grams 360 echizento
Arcadius 383-408AD Obv:DN ARCADIVS PF AVG Rev:GLORIA ROMANORVM SMAQ mint AE/19mm 2.0 grams 383 echizento
Aurelian 270-275AD Obv:IMP CAVRELIANVS AVG Rev:CONCORDIA MILITVM AE/22mm 3.3 grams 270 echizento
Byzantine Empire Manuel Comnenus Ducas 1230-1237AD Billon Trachy 30mm 3.9 grams... 1230 echizento
Byzantine Empire Androncius I 1183-1185 Billon Trachy 32mm 4.1 grams 1183 echizento
Constantine I 307-337AD Vailed head, memorial issue. SMN.. Nicomedia mint. AE/14mm 1.5 grams 337 echizento
Antoninus Pius 138-161AD Roman Provinical AE/18mm 3.5 grams 138 echizento
Aurelian 270-275AD Obv: IMP AVRELIANVS AVG Rev: IOV CONSER 270 echizento
Roman Provinical, looks like Geta AE/16mm 2.1 grams 198 echizento
Byzantine Empire Nicephorus III 1078-1081, class I anonymous follis. AE/22mm 2.9 grams 1078 echizento
Crispus Caesar 316-326AD Obv:FL IVL CRIPVS NOB CAES Rev:ALAMANNIA DEVICTA .SIRM. AE/21mm 3.1... 316 echizento
Constantinople, @330-346AD SMNB AE/18mm 2.3 grams 330 echizento