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Post-reform coinage, Diocletian (284-305), Follis, 295-296 AD. Obverse: laureate head right, IMP... 296 HKMAL
Byzantine empire, Constantine IX, Monomachos (1042-1055), Histamenon nomisma. 4.365g, Gold,... 1042 HKMAL
Byzantine empire, Theodora (1055-1056 AD)?, billon aspron trachy, Obv.: Bust Christ facing. Rev.:... 1055 HKMAL
Caracalla Silver Tetradrachm (198-217 AD) Antioch Syria. laureate head right/ rev. DHMARC EX... 198 HKMAL
Byzantine IUSTINIANUS I, bronze Follis 527-565 AD, Obv. Helmeted and cuirassed bust facing... 527 HKMAL
Severus Alexander Denarius Rome. Head right / Mars with spear and shield, MARS VLTOR. 222 HKMAL
Alexendria Egypt Diocletian billon Tedradrachm. 284-305 AD 305 HKMAL
Gordian III Antonianus 238-244 AD, 22mm. 244 HKMAL
Philip I Antonianus 244-249AD, 22mm. 249 HKMAL
Philip I, rev on Horse, Antonianus, AD 244-249 249 HKMAL
Valentinian I 364 Isaac
Probus 276 Isaac
Galerius 300 Isaac
Hadrian sestertius 117 Isaac
Gallienus 253-268 AD 253 jawandz
Gratian 367-383 AD 367 jawandz
CLAUDIUS A.D. 41-54 Æ As. Rev. S C, Minerva advancing right brandishing spear and holding... 41 jessvc1
FAUSTINA SENIOR Commemorative Æ As. Rev. AVGVSTA S C, Vesta standing left holding palladium... 146 jessvc1
TRAJAN A.D. 98-117 Æ Quadrans. Rev. Agonistic table on which stands a wreath and prize urn, S... 98 jessvc1