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Roman Empire, 3 ae, cca. 335, Mintmark: SMALA, that is Alexandria. On the obverse it is... 335 vajaho
Sep Severus 195-211AD F to VF There is no section for Roman Coins so italy is as close as i could... 195 nohope587
Constantius Falling Horseman coin 340 banivechi
Colonial Nikeea coin 300 banivechi
Roman Emperor Aelius was appointed as successor by Hadrian, and was in power from 136 to 138 AD.... 136 LawrenceChard
Roman silver denarius of Emperor Domitian, AD 81 - 96. Obverse legend is retrograde, i.e. read... 81 LawrenceChard
Roman silver denarius of Julius Caesar c. 100 - 44 BC. This coin is unusual being a portrait... 0 LawrenceChard
Roman AE3 of Valens (364-78). Gloria Romanorvm- Glory of the Romans, Emperor advancing right... 370 ccg
Roman AE3 of Constantius II (337-61 AD) Soldier spearing fallen horseman. 355 ccg
Constantine II VOT XX in wreath, Heraclea Mint, 3rd workshop. 326 ccg
Maximinus, Rome Empire,235-238 A.D. 235 smn121
Antoninus Pius sestertius. 140 ccg
Roman, Constantius II bronze 350 ccg
Roman Diocletian AE3 20mm Head rt. Jupiter standing lt. Found in UK 300 geordie582
Roman Gallienus AE3 18mm Radiate Head rt. Mythical Serpent NEPTV---- M below 260 geordie582
Roman Gratian AE3 17mm Head rt. Emperor dragging captive holding standard H & P about Siscia 380 geordie582
Roman Postumus AE3 20mm Silvered Antoninianus Radiate bust rt. Moneta standing lt 265 geordie582
Roman Constantius ll AE3 16mm Head rt. --CONSTANTIVS PF AVG Soldier spearing fallen horseman.... 370 geordie582
Roman Valentinian II AE4 12mm Head rt. Victory advancing dragging captive ---VS REIP----... 380 geordie582
Constantius II AE3 CRB 532 324 geordie582
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