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Magentius a rebel in the west. Obverse A. CRB535 H behind. DN MAGENTIVS PEMVC 2 Victories... 350 geordie582
Probus AE3 22mm CRB333 Radiate Head rt. IMPCMAVR PROBVS AVG Jupiter IOVISTATORI Siscia 276 geordie582
Silver antoninianus of Philip I, AD 244 - 249. Reverse: Winged Victory walking right with laurel... 244 LawrenceChard
Bronze 'As' of Caligula, AD 37 - 41, the heir of Tiberius. Vesta is shown seated on the reverse. 37 LawrenceChard
Silver 'Antoninianus' of Volusian (Caius Vibius Gallus Vendumnianus Volusianus). The reverse... 252 LawrenceChard
Silver denarius of Vitellius. He was a longtime friend of many emperors including Tiberius,... 69 LawrenceChard
EF to Unc silver antoninianus of Roman Emperor Balbinus. Reigned jointly with Pupienus for 98... 238 LawrenceChard
Near-mint specimen silver antoninianus of Pupienus, joint ruler with Balbinus (q.v.). Reverse... 238 LawrenceChard
337 Colamarche_L
Legionary silver denarius of Mark Antony (Marcus Antonius), naming the 11th (XI) legion issued... -31 LawrenceChard
This denarius of Geta mentions Britain in its reverse legend of VICTORIAE BRIT, Victory over the... 209 LawrenceChard
Silvery antoninianus AD 276 Marcus Annius Florianus. Florian was the half brother of the... 276 LawrenceChard
Fausta was the daughter of Maximian, who arranged for her to marry Constantine I (the Great). She... 325 LawrenceChard
Antoninianus of Numerian as Augustus, dating this between 283 and 285 AD. the reverse type is Pax... 284 LawrenceChard
Silver denarius of Hadrian, famous for the construction of Hadians' Wall across Northern Britain.... 128 LawrenceChard
Rather crudely struck Antoninianus of Carausius. Carausius was raised as a pilot, and became the... 287 LawrenceChard
Born in the Etruscan town of Narnia on November 8th, 35 AD, one would expect to there should be... 98 LawrenceChard
John Cleese on a coin! Bronze Follis of Diocletian. This was a new denomination introduced as... 295 LawrenceChard
Constantius II was the second son of Constantine the Great, and inherited the eastern part of the... 348 LawrenceChard
Silver antoninianus of Herennia Etruscilla, wife of Trajan Decius, and mother of Herennius... 249 LawrenceChard
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