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Gordian III 238-244AD Roman Provinical coinage, lettering in Greek. Hadrianopolis. AE/26mm... 240 echizento
Geta 198-212AD Roman Provinical, Nikopolis AE/16mm 2.3 grams 210 echizento
Licinius 308-324AD Obv:IMPCVALLIC LICINNIVS AVGG Rev:IOVI CONSERVATORI AVGG SMHT (Heraclea)... 310 echizento
Probus 276-282AD Obv:IMP PROBVS PF AVG Rev: SOLI INVICTO XXIS AE/21mm 3.2 grams 276 echizento
Maximianus 286-308AD Obv:IMP MAXIMIANVS PF AVG Rev:GENIO AVGVSTI SM.T (Sirmium)mint. Post... 306 echizento
Augustus, Roman Provinical. Thracian King Rometalkles I & Queen Pythodoris jugate with Augustus... -11 echizento
Arcadius 383-408AD Obv:DN ARCADIVS PF AVG Rev:CONCORDIA AVGG AE/17mm 2.3 grams, very young... 383 echizento
Arcadius 383-408AD Obv:DN ARCADIVSPF AVG Rev:CONCORDIA AVGG CONS MINT AE/17mm 2.3 grams 400 echizento
Byzantine Empire Andronicus I 1183-1185 Billion Trachy Obv: Virgin standing on dais nimbate... 1183 echizento
Augustus, Struck to commerate the battle against Mark Anthony, minted at Philippi Macedonia... -42 echizento
Constantius II 337-361AD Obv:DN CONSTANTIVS PF AVG Rev:FEL TEMP REPARATIO AE/Centenionalis... 348 echizento
Constantine I 307-337AD Obv:IMP CONSTANTINVS AVG Rev:VICTORIAE LAETE PRINC PERP... 307 echizento
Diocleation 284-305AD AE/20mm 1.9grams 300 echizento
Domitian 81-96AD Roman Provinical coinage. Obv:AVT KAISAP DOMITAINOS SEB. Rev: KIONON... 81 echizento
Honorius 394-423AD Obv:DN HONORIVS PF AVG AE/17mm 2.2 grams 400 echizento
Julian II The Apostate 360-363AD Rev: VOTX MVLT XX HERACLEA mint AE/20mm 2.9 grams 360 echizento
Isacc II 1185-1195 Billon Trachy 28mm 4.1 grams 1185 echizento
Licinius I 308-324AD Obv:IMP LICINIVS PF AVG Rev:SOLI INVICTO COMITI AE/20mm 2.2 grams 315 echizento
Macrinus 217-218AD Roman Provinical coinage. Nikopolis ad Istrum Obv:AVTKOPELCEVH MAKPIOC.... 217 echizento
Byzantine Empire Manuel I 1143-1180 Obv: Virgin enthroned MP-OV Rev: Manuel Despot (in... 1143 echizento
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