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Manuel I 1143-1180, billon trachy. This is an error coin. on the rev is Christ, the inscription... 1143 echizento
Byzantine Empire Manuel I 1143-1180 Half Tetarteron, monogram rev 1143 echizento
Byzantine Empire Manuel I 1143-1180 Billon trachy. Obv: virgin enthroned facing MP-OV Rev:... 1143 echizento
Theodosius II 402-450AD Obv:DN THEODOSIVS PF AVG Rev:VOTX MVLTXX Young emperor. AE/12mm 1.2... 402 echizento
Theodosius I 375-395AD Obv:DN THEODOSIVS PF AVG Rev:VOTX MVLTXX SMKA MINT AE/15mm 1.4 grams 375 echizento
Valentinian I 364-375AD Obv:DN VALENTINIANVS PF AVG Rev:RESTITVTOR REIPVBLICAE CONSPF mint... 364 echizento
Constantius Gallus 351-354AD Obv:DN CONSTANTIVS IVN NOBC Rev:FEL TEMP REPARATIO AE/18mm 2.5 grams 351 echizento
Constantius II 337-361AD Obv: DN CONSTANTIVS PF AVG Rev:FEL TEMP REPARATIO Phoenix standing... 348 echizento
Trajan 98-117AD Roman Provinical, Deultum,Thrace Obv:IMP CAE NER TRA AVG GER PM TRPOCOSSIII PP... 98 echizento
Constantine I 307-337AD Obv:IMP CONSTANTINVS AVG Rev:VICTORIAE LAETE PRINC PERP Billon... 330 echizento
Probus 276-282AD Obv: IMP ??OBVS PF AVG Rev: CONCORDIA MILITVM Q in field, XXI? AE/17mm... 276 echizento
Gratian 367-383AD Obv;DN GRATIANVS PF AVG Rev:GLORIA ROMANORVM ASIS MINT AE/18mm 2.0 grams 367 echizento
Constantine I 307-337AD Obv:IMP CONSTANTINVS PF AVG Rev:SOLI INVICTO COMITI ASIS mint mark... 307 echizento
Barbaric Imination of Contantius II @348AD AE/19mm 2.4 grams 348 echizento
Macrinus 217-218AD Roman Provinical, Nicopolis Ad Istrum, 4 Assaria AE/26mm 11.2 grams 217 echizento
Maximian 285-305, 306-308 & 310 Obv:IMPMAXIMINVS PF AVG Rev:GENIO POPVLI ROMANI MTS mint... 300 echizento
Gordian III 238-244AD Roman Provinical AE/27mm 12.2 grams 238 echizento
Gordian III 238-244 AD Roman Provinical, Viminacium, Moesia Obv:IMP CAES ANT GORDIANVS AVG... 238 echizento
Crispus Caesar 316-326AD Obv:DN FLIVL CRISPVS NOB CAES Rev:IOV CONSERVATORI XIII in field... 316 echizento
Byzantine Empire Justin I 518-527AD Obv: Emperor facing right Rev: CHI RHO Pentanummium... 518 echizento
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