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Roman Empire, denarius, Ag, Antoninus Pius (138-161) H: Annona l., corn-ears, cornucopiae,... 138 vajaho
suberatus, Br-Ag, 3.45g, silvered bronze coin of: Domitian RIC II, 109, AR denarius, Rome AD 88... 88 vajaho
Severus Alexander Denarius Rome. Head right / Mars with spear and shield, MARS VLTOR. 222 HKMAL
Severus Alexander denarius, Mars reverse. 229 Prosit_Neujahr
Caracalla, denarius, Mars reverse. 206 Prosit_Neujahr
Philip I Antoninianus. Photo re-shoot 244 ccg
Philip I Antoninianus 244 ccg
Trajan Denarius 98 ccg
This is another amazing coin belong to Roman Empire. The weight of this coin is almost 25 grams.... 200 realjosh2002
WOW this coin is too good and absolutely amazing. The wieght of this coin is almost 25 grams. It... 200 realjosh2002
Roman Empire, denarius, 157, Ag, 16.5mm, 2.75g, MM: Rome, Marcus Aurelius (161-180), Felicitas... 157 vajaho
Roman Empire, follis, Bronze, Claudius II (268-270).... 268 vajaho
AR Antonianius. ROMA AETERNAE Roma seated left holding victory and sceptre. 345 ccg
Billon follis issued under Diocletian. Depicts Genius of the Romans 303 ccg
Antonianius of Aurelian depicting Sol. 275 ccg
Roman Empire, small follis, no date, Bronze, 15mm, Emperor Constans (333-350), Two standing... 337 vajaho
Roman Empire, small follis, no date, Bronze, Valentinian (364-375).... 364 vajaho
Septimius Severus Denarius L SEPT SEV PERT AVG IMP V, laureate head right P M TR P III COS II... 193 De-Orc
Helena AE3 328-329Ad FL HELENA AVGVSTA, diademed, mantled with necklace bust right SECVRITAS... 328 De-Orc
312 De-Orc