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Claudius 41-54AD AE Quadrans. TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG around modius PON M TR P IMP COS DES IT... 54 De-Orc
Bosporus Rhescuporis VI 303 – 342 AD Stater "BACILEVC PHCKOYPORIC" King's bust right;... 323 De-Orc
98-117ad Trajan Denarius Imp Traiano Avg Ger Dac Pm Trp Lauriated head Cos V Pp Spqr Optimo... 98 De-Orc
337-361ad Constantius II Centenionalis Dn Constantivs Pf Avg Diad bust Fel Temp Repartio... 337 De-Orc
253 - 268ad Gallienus Billon Antoninianus Radiated bust Abundantia emptying a cornucopiae.... 253 De-Orc
Salonina Billon Antoninianus Diademed and draped bust right on crescent Pietas seated left... 268 De-Orc
possibly a fake roman coin of emperor Otho, but possibly as early as 18th cnetury 0 ScottO
unidentified roman coin 0 ScottO
unidentified roman coin 0 ScottO
Constantine commemorative coin, for Constantinopolis, RBE in exergue Roma Beata Epsilon 330 ScottO
septimus Severus denarius fragment 193 ScottO
Julia Donma denarius, reverse Hilaritas standing left, holding palm and cornucopiae; two children... 196 ScottO
Septimus Severus Denarius Minerva standing left, holding spear and round shield, sadly broken... 196 ScottO
very low grade roman coin, constantine 336 ScottO
Tiberius II Constantine Follis 578 ScottO
a Roman coin from the era of Constantine. 323 ScottO
roman coin of Constantine II, good obverse, reverse more worn. 323 ScottO
as of yet unidentified roman coin 0 ScottO
unidentified roman coin from around the time of Aurelian 270 ScottO
unidentifable roman coin 0 ScottO
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