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90bc Family Titia Denarius Head of Mutinus Titinus (Priapus) right, wearing winged diadem... 90 De-Orc
Roman silver denarius of Emperor Domitian, AD 81 - 96. Obverse legend is retrograde, i.e. read... 81 LawrenceChard
Nero Caesar Augustus 54 Zer0_Agent
Philip I Antonianus 244-249AD, 22mm. 249 HKMAL
Diocletian 284-305 AE Antoninianus obv:Radiate bust right rev:Emp. recieving victory on globe... 300 Numismatistnick
Constantius Gallus 351-354AD Obv:DN CONSTANTIVS IVN NOBC Rev:FEL TEMP REPARATIO AE/18mm 2.5 grams 351 echizento
Constantine I 307-337AD Obv: IMP CONSTANTINVS PF AVG Rev: Jupiter standing left holding victory... 307 echizento
TRAJAN - Denarius - 103/112 AD - IMP TRAIANO AVG GER DAC P M TR P, laureate head right, drapery... 103 damiano
Philip I Antoninianus 244 ccg
Domitian 81-96AD Roman Provinical coinage. Obv:AVT KAISAP DOMITAINOS SEB. Rev: KIONON... 81 echizento
Crispus Caesar 316-326AD Obv:FL IVL CRIPVS NOB CAES Rev:ALAMANNIA DEVICTA .SIRM. AE/21mm 3.1... 316 echizento
ALLECTUS - AE Quinarius. Colchester mint. 293/296 - IMP C ALLECTVS AVG, radiate and cuirassed... 293 damiano
Severus Alexander (222-235 AD)Asia Minor Nicaea in Bithynia Now is Iznik, Turkey OBVERSE:... 222 Mark_Stilson
Antoninus Pius ANTONINVS AVG PIVS PPTRP COS III Sestertius 30mm28 grams 143 echizento
Augustus 33BC-14AD Provinical coinage from Amphipolis. Rev: Artemis riding a bull. AE/? 21mm... 1 echizento
Septimius Severus 193-211AD Roman Provinical, Stobi AE/25mm 9.4 grams 193 echizento
Constantine II OBVCONSTANTINVS IVN NOB C, laureate draped bust REV: CAESARVM NOSTRORVM, laurel... 313 syzygy
Constantine II AD 324-361. Obv:CONSTANTINVS IVN NOB C, laureate bust left. Rev: PROVIDENTIAE... 324 syzygy
TETRICUS I - Antoninianus - 279/273 - Vienna mint - IMP C TETRICVS P F AVG, radiate draped bust... 270 damiano
AR Antonianius. ROMA AETERNAE Roma seated left holding victory and sceptre. 345 ccg
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