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Roman Gratian AE3 17mm Head rt. Emperor dragging captive holding standard H & P about Siscia 380 geordie582
Born in the Etruscan town of Narnia on November 8th, 35 AD, one would expect to there should be... 98 LawrenceChard
Claudius, Obv: TICLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG PMTR PIMP Rev: LIBERTAS AVGVSTA SC AE/AS 3mm 10.2 grams 45 echizento
Lucilla (Annia Aurelia Galeria Lucilla), 164 - 182 AD, the eldest daughter of Marcus Aurelius and... 164 LawrenceChard
Emperor Constantine I, 307-337 AD, CONSTANTINVS MAX AVG, GLORIA EXERCITVS, SMANA (Antioch mint) 315 echizento
Emperor Valens, 364-375 AD, DN VALENS PF AVG, SECVRITAS REIPVBLICAE .HSISC (Sisica mint) AE3 375 echizento
Probus AE3 22mm CRB333 Radiate Head rt. IMPCMAVR PROBVS AVG Jupiter IOVISTATORI Siscia 276 geordie582
The coin shown is a silver denarius of Marcus Aurelius. Bare headed portrait, with curly hair... 163 LawrenceChard
Byzantine empire, Constantine IX, Monomachos (1042-1055), Histamenon nomisma. 4.365g, Gold,... 1042 HKMAL
John Cleese on a coin! Bronze Follis of Diocletian. This was a new denomination introduced as... 295 LawrenceChard
Silver denarius of the emperor Titus, son of Vespasian, ruled 79 to 81 AD. Obverse shows laureate... 80 LawrenceChard
Rather crudely struck Antoninianus of Carausius. Carausius was raised as a pilot, and became the... 287 LawrenceChard
Emperor valentinian I 364-375 AD, DN VALENTINIANVS PF AVG, GLORIA ROMANORVM, ASISC (Siscia mint) AE3 365 echizento
Issued by Caligula Obv: MAGRIPPA LF COS III Rev: SC, Neptune standing left holding trident... 38 echizento
Byzantine Emperor Justin I 518-527 AD, DN IVSTINVS PP AVG, M, CON (Constantionple mint) AE-Follis 518 echizento
suberatus, Br-Ag, 3.45g, silvered bronze coin of: Domitian RIC II, 109, AR denarius, Rome AD 88... 88 vajaho
Roman emperor Arcadius 383- 408 AD, DN ARCADIVS PF AVG, GLORIA ROMANORVM, ASISC (siscia mint)AE3 400 echizento
Sep Severus 195-211AD F to VF There is no section for Roman Coins so italy is as close as i could... 195 nohope587
First Roman Emperor Augustus, AE Dupondius, Bronze 14 echizento
Byzantine emperor Justin II & empress Sophia, 565-578 AD, AE-Follis Year 5 (570), Officinae B,... 570 echizento
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