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SALONINA - Alexandrian coins - Potin Tetradrachm - Year 13 (265/266)-KOPNHLIA CALONEINA CEB,... 265 damiano
SEVERINA - Antoninianus - SEVERINA AVG, diademed, draped bust right on crescent / CONCORDIAE... 275 damiano
98-117ad Trajan Denarius Imp Traiano Avg Ger Dac Pm Trp Lauriated head Cos V Pp Spqr Optimo... 98 De-Orc
Constantinopolis City Commemorative OBV: CONSTANTINOPOLIS REV:Victory standing left with septor... 330 syzygy
Constantine I 307-337AD (The Great) Obv:CONSTANTINVS MAX AVG Rev:GLORIA EXCERCITVS CONSM... 330 echizento
CARUS - Antoninianus. Rome mint, 282-3 AD. IMP C M AVR CARVS P F AVG, Radiate cuirassed bust... 282 damiano
Constantine I follis / Jupiter reverse 313 syzygy
Antoninianus of Numerian as Augustus, dating this between 283 and 285 AD. the reverse type is Pax... 284 LawrenceChard
Elagabalus OBV: IMP CAES ANTONINVS AVG, laureate draped bust right. REV: FIDES EXERCITVS,... 219 syzygy
Constantine I 307-337AD Obv:IMP CONSTANTINVS AVG Rev:VICTORIAE LAETE PRINC PERP... 307 echizento
Severus Alexander 222-235AD Roman Provincial AE/20mm 3.7 grams 222 echizento
TETRICUS II - Antoninianus - 270/273 - C PIV ESV TETRICVS CAES, radiate, draped and cuirassed... 270 damiano
332 damiano
Constantius II AE3. 326 AD. FL IVL CONSTANTIVS NOB C, laureate, draped & cuirassed bust left /... 326 damiano
Manuel I 1143-1180, billon trachy. This is an error coin. on the rev is Christ, the inscription... 1143 echizento
Antoninus Pius 138-161AD Roman Provinical AE/18mm 3.5 grams 138 echizento
NERVA As Obv.: IMP NERVA CAES AVG P M TR P COS II P P, laureate head right Rev.: CONCORDIA... 86 damiano
DIOCLETIAN - Alexandrian coins - Potin Tetradrachm of Roman Egypt. Year 3 = 286-287 AD. A K G OVA... 287 damiano
TETRICUS I IMP C TETRICVS P F AVG, radiate, cuirassed bust right. Reverse: VICTO-R-IA AVG,... 285 jessvc1
possibly a fake roman coin of emperor Otho, but possibly as early as 18th cnetury 0 ScottO