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Alexandria Mint, RIC VII 59 Constantine II AE3. CONSTANTINVS IVN NOB C, laureate cuirassed bust... 340 jessvc1
Gordian III, 238-243 AD. AR Ant (Antoninianus). 238 KoRnholio
Byzantine emperor Justinian I 527-565 AD, DN IVSTINIANVS PP AVG, AE-16 Nummi TES (Thessalonica... 527 echizento
260ad Gallienus Joint reign with Valerian 253-260ad sole reign 260-268ad Antoninianus Silverd... 260 De-Orc
Trajan Obv: IMP CAES NERVA TRAIAN AVG GERM PM. Rev: TRPOTCOSIIPP SC AE/AS 28mm 10.9grams 100 echizento
Licinius 308-324AD Obv:IMP C VAL LIC LICINNIVS PF AVG Rev:IOVI CONSERVATORI SMNT AE/20mm 2.9... 308 echizento
DIOCLETIAN - Alexandrian coins - Potin Tetradrachm of Alexandria. Year 2 = 285/286 AD. A K GOYA L... 285 damiano
Trajan Decius 249-251AD Roman Provinical Obv; IMP TRAIANVS DECIVS AVG Rev:PMS COLVIM ANX... 249 echizento
337-40 AD Constantine AE4 Memorial issue Heraclea Obv: DV CONSTANTINVS PT AVGG, veiled... 337 De-Orc
Byzantine Empire Justin II 565-578AD Obv:DN IVSTINVS PP AVG Rev:ANNO X OC TES mint. AE/20mm... 565 echizento
Roman Empire, small follis, no date, Bronze, 15mm, Emperor Constans (333-350), Two standing... 337 vajaho
Faustina Jr. Wife of Marcus Aurelius 127-176AD Roman Provinical, Pautalia, Thrace AE/21mm 6.1... 170 echizento
Emperor Constantine I 307-337 AD, IMP CONSTANTINVS PF AVG, SOLI INVICTO COMITI, AL (Alexandria... 330 echizento
Barbarous TETRICUS I blundered legend-IMP C TETRICVS PF AVG, radiate, draped, cuirassed bust... 285 jessvc1
Gallienus Joint reign with Valerian 253-260ad sole reign 260-268ad Antoninianus Antioch... 255 De-Orc
Theodosius I 375-395AD Obv:DN THEODOSIVS PF AVG Rev:VOTX MVLTXX SMKA MINT AE/15mm 1.4 grams 375 echizento
Emperor Licinius I 308-324 AD, IMP C VAL LICIN LICINIVS PF AVG, IOVI CONSERVATORI, SMHT... 320 echizento
Barbarous radiate Tetricus I Antoninianus. IMP C TETRICVS P F AVG, radiate bust right / COMES... 285 jessvc1
Maxentius AE Follis. 308-310 AD.RIC 210- IMP C MAXENTIVS PF AVG, laureate head right / CONSERV... 210 jessvc1
obv. IMP CP LIC GALLIENVS AVG rev. FELICITAS SAECVLI RIC V-1-Minted in Viminacium (Serbia)... 254 jessvc1
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