Region: Australia, Oceania

Country: Solomon Islands Coins

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Solomon Islands 1 dollar. 2012 2012 henry12
Solomon Islands 2 dollars. 2012 2012 henry12
Queen Elizabeth II, 25 Dollars. Subject: An-225 Mriya. PROOF. 2005 HKMAL
1 cent with a mintage of only 624 for the business strike 1980 Ian
Solomon Islands - 5c - 1988 Rather nice coin from the Solomon Islands with an ancient head design 1988 Johnny1989
Solomon Islands - 10c - 1977 Rather unusual design showing a person made of fish & other... 1977 Johnny1989
Solomon Islands - 10c - 1988 Better grade of this rather unusual coin 1988 Johnny1989
Solomon Islands - 20c - 1977 Another unusual coin from the Solomon Islands, this one showing... 1977 Johnny1989
Solomon Islands - 50c - 1988 Reverse showing the crest of the Solomon Islands with the legend... 1988 Johnny1989
Gold proof $100 one ounce gold bullion coin, part of a four coin set issued to celebrate the 50th... 1992 LawrenceChard
Gold proof $100, part of 4 coin set commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Pearl... 1991 LawrenceChard
Silver proof 10 dollars issued to commemorate the golden wedding anniversary of Queen Elizabeth... 1997 LawrenceChard
The $50 features the burning Shoho. A Devastator torpedo bomber can be seen in the foreground... 1992 LawrenceChard
This gold proof $50 portrays a dramatic scene of conflict between Japanese Val dive-bombers and... 1991 LawrenceChard
Fortieth anniversary of the Coronation 1953 - 1993 on $10 silver proof crown, part of... 1993 LawrenceChard
Antonov An-225 Mriya. First of a series of 13 silver proof crowns featuring some of the world's... 2003 LawrenceChard
China Clipper on reverse of 2003 Solomon Islands silver proof $25. The Martin M130 operated the... 2003 LawrenceChard
The Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk, Stealth Bomber features as part of this 13 coin Solomon Islands... 2003 LawrenceChard
Wright 1903 Flyer, Flyer I or Kitty Hawk, which made the world's first powered flight. One of a... 2003 LawrenceChard
The Bell X1 was the first experimental plane to break the sound barrier, and the first in a long... 2003 LawrenceChard
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