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Ethelred II silver penny, small cross reverse type. Seaby / Spink Ref 1154. 978 LawrenceChard
Edward the Confessor hammered silver penny, small flan type with small cross. Seaby / Spink Ref.... 1042 LawrenceChard
William the Conqueror hammered silver penny, bonnet type, Wallingford Mint. Seaby / Spink Ref. 1251 1066 LawrenceChard
Henry VI hammered silver groat (4 pence), Calais Mint. This type was issued between 1427 and 1430. 1427 LawrenceChard
Silver halfcrown of William III, London Mint, 1698 LawrenceChard
1967 LawrenceChard
The 1960 crown or five shillings was produced for the New York Exhibition. Some of the coins,... 1960 LawrenceChard
The first date of brass threepence, and the world's first 12 sided (dodecagonal) coin. There... 1937 LawrenceChard
Fifty pence coin with circle of 9 hands, to symbolise Britain's entry into the EU, EC, or EEC as... 1973 LawrenceChard
The first date of fifty pence issued, and the world's first coin with an equilateral curve... 1969 LawrenceChard
Commemorative crown for Sir Winston Spencer Churchill, only issued in cupro-nickel. One day we... 1965 LawrenceChard
Maundy fourpence of 1746 for George II. The Battle of Culloden was fought in 1746. This battle... 1746 LawrenceChard
Gold half guinea of George II 1759. 1759 LawrenceChard
Silver shilling of George II. The roses and plumes (feathers) in alternate angles of the reverse... 1737 LawrenceChard
2002 LawrenceChard
Copper medallion with a portrait of Admiral Horatio Viscount Nelson, and the Foudroyant, his... 1897 LawrenceChard
Gold triple unite (three pounds) of Charles I, 1643, with Declaration reverse. 1643 LawrenceChard
Gold sovereign of George V, first (large) head, issued from 1911 to 1928 inclusive. The coin... 1913 LawrenceChard
1986 LawrenceChard
Silver proof medallion of Benedetto Pistrucci, master Italian scuptor engraver who worked at the... 1993 LawrenceChard
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