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Edward I (1272-1327) Class 2a penny struck at London. 1280 Aetheling
Edward I - Class 3c-d Penny (Bristol) Obv:- EDW R ANGL DNS HYB, Crowned facing bust with... 1280 maridvnvm
Scottish silver penny of Alexander III. Second issue, REX SCOTORUM reverse legend, possible... 1280 LawrenceChard
silver penny of Edward I of England and Ireland minted circa 1280 at Bristol mint 1280 Ian
Scotland Alexander III Penny part of the Middridge hoard found in 1974 1280 azda
Edward Penny, London however N's are unbarred 1280 ScottO
Edward I penny, Bury St Edmunds VILL/SCIE/DMV/NDI 1280 ScottO
1282-1289 Class 4 Edward I penny, London Mint 1282 Sylvester
Edward I Penny St.Edmundsbury Class 4b EDWR'ANGL'DNSHYB ROBERTDEHADELEIE 1282 geordie582
Edward I penny, class 4e canterbury mint, 1282-89 1282 ScottO
Edward I Penny, class 3g London mint With thanks to Clive :-)) 1285 De-Orc
Edward I penny. Class 6a. London mint 1292 geordie582
Edward I, 1295-1307. Penny. Fine 1295 MILLENNIUM
Edward I Penny. Berwick-on-Tweed Class 1.Local dies Cross Pattee. Trifoliate crown side... 1296 geordie582
Edward I Berwick penny class 5a 0.6gms 16.7mm Lombardic 'N' in 'DNS' 1296 geordie582
Edward I Silver penny. Chester Mint 1.12gms EDWRANGLDNSHYB CIVI TAS CES TRIE 1299 geordie582
Edward I Penny York Class 9b Episcopal issue. 0.8gms 17mm Pothook 'N's Quatrefoil in... 1299 geordie582
Edward 1 Bury St Edmunds mint 1300 Peter
Edward I Penny Bishop Bec Durham Cross moline mm 1.1gms 17mm Class 6b EDWRANGLDNSHYB CIVI... 1300 geordie582
Edward I penny Class 10cf2 o.EDWA R ANGL DNS HYB r.CIVI TAS LON DON 1300 geordie582
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