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£2 William Shakespeare Histories Sword and Crown 0 De-Orc
unknow 18 adrian1310
Catuvellauni Tribe silver unit under Epaticcus, brother of Cunobelinus, King of the Catuvellauni... 20 Ian
Iceni tribe (circa 20 -50 ad) silver unit. East Anglia region of England. 20 Ian
The most beautiful British coin ever? In Britain and elsewhere, a number of Celtic tribes issues... 25 LawrenceChard
Celtic Durotriges Quarter Stater 11 mm Geometric design possible Starfish design 30 geordie582
Celtic Bronze Unit Hod Hill Unknown Tribe & date Warrior Bearded Head 30 De-Orc
Cunobelinus 1BC-40sAD Bronze Unit Tribe Trinovantes/Catuvellauni Warrior on horseback... 40 De-Orc
Silver unit Tribe Iceni Back to back Crescent with 2 dots between Horse + T 40 De-Orc
Celtic Iceni Unit 11 mm Early Face Horse, pattern below. 50 geordie582
50-5 BC Corieltauvi Silver Unit South Ferriby Type S397 50 De-Orc
Celtic Unit Potin Thurrock type. o. head lt. r. Animal lt.sceptre above. Cast 100 geordie582
Celtic O Geometric type gold quater stater. 200 Hussulo
gallienus...?-metal detector find in UK 250 jessvc1
Constantine the Great 307-337 307 jessvc1
Romano-British copy of Constantinian AE3 Ob:- Head lt. Inscription-TIV-? . Rev:-Blundered... 400 geordie582
Silver penny of Offa. His Heavy Coinage. London mint. Moneyer Ciolhard who is not recorded for... 770 HistoricCoinage
King Coenwulf of Mercia prototype penny. Cut and then folded to void its use as currency. Unique. 800 HistoricCoinage
AE Sceat of Aethelred II, King of Northumbria 841-844 AD. Obv: EDLLRED REX Rev: EANRED (moneyer) 841 AuldFartte
Aethelred II Northumbria. Bronze Stycas. Ob. -DILREDR-, Rev.-RDWVLF- 0.7 gms. 10 mm. Cross in... 841 geordie582
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