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1189 De-Orc
Alexius III, Angelus-Comnenus, 1195 - 1203 AD. Billon Aspron Trachy. Bust of Christ facing,... 1195 ScottO
John Cut Short Cross Halfpenny Class 5b Ilger on Lund London Mint 1199 geordie582
John cut Halfpenny Class 5c Moneyer not known Mint Winchester Extra pellet on W Slightly... 1199 geordie582
John Short Cross Cut Halfpenny Class 5c Moneyer Simon on Canterbury ....AN+SIM.... 1199 geordie582
John Cut Shortcross Halfpenny Class 5 ....NAVD.ON.... Hernaud of Canterbury or Renaud of Norwich 1199 geordie582
King John cut Penny Between 1199/1216 1199 De-Orc
a very nice cut half penny probably class 5b2, Monyer WILLELM ON LUN 1199 ScottO
short coss penny cut Quarter of Bury ST edmunds, possibly of John 1199 ScottO
Another Cut quarter short cross penny, hard to Identify but possibly RAUF of london 1199 ScottO
Cut 1/2d of John class 4c/5. Either Hernaud on Canterbury or Renaud on Norwich 1199 geordie582
John (1199 - 1216) Class 5C Penny of King John, Canterbury Mint, Hammered 1200 Tiffibunny
A few cut half penny's awaiting accurate ID'ing 1200 Peter
cuth half penny, ILGER ON LVNDE (ilger of london) moneyer, more then likely a class 5b penny of... 1205 ScottO
henry III cut short cross penny with septre 1207 ScottO
hard to say exactly but a short cross penny cut into a quarter 1207 ScottO
another short cross penny quarter, possibly of canterbury 1207 ScottO
another short cross penny quarter 1207 ScottO
short cross penny quarter, possibly of york 1207 ScottO
Cut halfpenny of William I of Scotland 1209 geordie582
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