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KM-746.2, 1869 Great Britain florin; silver, reeded edge; die #2, very good to fine, key year,... 1869 sandy3075
G.Britain ½ Farthing 1853 1853 Akdeveli
1903 BEMurillo32
KM-835, 1932 Great Britain 1/2 crown; silver, reeded edge; average circulated, this is a smaller... 1932 sandy3075
KM-746.2, 1874 Great Britain florinl silver, reeded edge; die #26, decent, very fine or about... 1874 sandy3075
KM-746.2, 1868 Great Britain florin; silver, reeded edge; die #27, fine but nice looking, scarcer... 1868 sandy3075
Queen Victoria,poor condition 1898 BEMurillo32
On reverse there are two raised marks. 1943 BEMurillo32
Three Pence 1944 BEMurillo32
Very shinny, beautiful coin. 1982 BEMurillo32
Beautiful coin almost looks white. 1968 BEMurillo32
1944 penny EF 1944 ScottO
1916 penny, por reverse strike, full lustre, however covered in lacquer 1916 ScottO
1907 penny, EF, weak strike reverse 1907 ScottO
1905 penny VF grade 1905 ScottO
1896 Penny, AEF, some lustre traces, wear on the cheek lowers the grade however 1896 ScottO
1876 H halfpenny 13+K* rated R11 1876 ScottO
1862 penny I of BRITT misaligned, points to tooth, and is parallel with the T 1862 ScottO
1863 penny, very worn, possible die number 1863 ScottO
1861 penny 6+G, I in BRITT over Lower I, unlisted? 1861 ScottO