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Great Britain 1 Pound 2017 KM#? MS67DPL 2017 nervillej
Great Britain 50 Pence 2011 KM#1193 MS64 2011 nervillej
KM-853, 1944 Great Britain shilling, English crest; silver, reeded edge; bright lustrous, above... 1944 sandy3075
U.Kingdom Half Crown 1961 1961 Akdeveli
U.Kingdom 10 New Pence 1974 1974 Akdeveli
UKingdom 5 New Pence 1973 1973 Akdeveli
U.Kingdom 1 Shilling 1963-Scottish Arms 1963 Akdeveli
GB63G - Great Britain 1863 2 pence maundy obverse 1863 sandy3075
KM-801, 1910 Great Britain florin; silver, reeded edge; last year of Edward VII, scarcer type,... 1910 sandy3075
KM-747.2, 1867 Great Britain farthing; bronze, plain edge, nice looking dark brown good very fine... 1867 sandy3075
GBritain Farthing 1915 1915 Akdeveli
GBritain 6 Pence 1925 1925 Akdeveli
GBritain 1 Florin 1924 (I clean this coin) 1924 Akdeveli
KM-801, 1903 Great Britain florin; silver, reeded edge; smallest mintage of the type, well... 1903 sandy3075
KM-776, 1901 Great Britain 2 pence; maundy, silver, plain edge; last of Victoria maundy money,... 1901 sandy3075
KM-816, 1915 Great Britain shilling; silver, reeded edge; extra fine, deeper toning. 1915 sandy3075
KM-906, 1966 Great Britain florin; copper-nickel, reeded edge; average uncirculated. 1966 sandy3075
Queens Beast 1oz Gold Red Dragon 2017 azda
Queens Beast 1oz Gold Griffin 2017 azda
KM-725, 1840 Great Britain farthing; copper, plain edge; good very fine to extra fine, few... 1840 sandy3075