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1882 H penny, 12+M R10 1882 ScottO
KM-1000, 1999 Great Britain 2 pounds; proof, silver, reeded edge; Britannia in chariot, est... 1999 sandy3075
1696 halfpenny, possiblly a new unlisted type with the 6 being over a 5. 1696 ScottO
undated Charles II 2 pence, 3rd issue, nice toning, sadly holed. 1665 ScottO
1675 farthing, fair grade with clipped planchet 1675 ScottO
1720 halfpenny, low grade due to reverse field damage 1720 ScottO
VF+ 1821 shilling 1821 ScottO
fair grade 1722 halfpenny 1722 ScottO
cut half tealby penny, possible LEFWINE ON NICOLE (Lincoln) 1158 ScottO
1732/1 halfpenny no stop after BRITANNIA, obverse low grade. 1732 ScottO
VF 1853 penny 1853 ScottO
mid grade, poorly cast William 3rd farthing, possibly 1697 1697 ScottO
1891 Farthing 1891 azda
George III Bank Dollar minted on a Spanish 8 reales Bolivia, Potosi mint 1794 azda
George IVv1828 Halfcrown 1828 azda
1862 Halfpenny, die letter A to left of lighthouse. Extremely rare. Graded as MS64 1862 azda
G.Britain ½ Penny 1853 1853 Akdeveli
KM-723, 1836 Great Britain William VI groat (4 pence); silver, plain edge; uncommon denomination... 1836 sandy3075
KM-794.2, 1909 Great Britain penny; bronze, plain edge; about uncirculated, slightly lighter than... 1909 sandy3075
Edward IV Ryal, Bristol mint 1465 azda