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A sixpence coin from 1931. The condition is slightly better than what the picture is showing,... 1931 Colligo_V
1899 Oriental British Silver Trade Dollar Coin, Bombay Mint. Obverse: Britannia standing on... 1899 Yeyong
1773 farthing, decent reverse, worn obverse, 1773. type with legend smaller then usual making... 1773 ScottO
Silver proof twenty pence, from the 'Emblems of Britain' proof set, issued as these designs will... 2008 LawrenceChard
One sovereign gold .917 / 1912 1912 chleafar
½ Penny Conder token. The Tooke tokens are an interesting part of British history. This... 1794 elverno
£5 in folder of issue Princess Diana Memorial Issue Designed by David Cornell Portrait of... 1999 De-Orc
In 1985, the third portrait was introduced, engraved by Raphael Maklouf, here shown on a... 1985 LawrenceChard
Cnut Quatrefoil Penny ? 1017 NumistatesM
1887 Great Britain, Sixpence, Shield Reverse, Victoria, Jubilee Head. 1887 AuldFartte
20 BC Primary Ruler, Cunobelin Secondary ruler, Tasciovanus Trinovantes Unit Mans head... -20 De-Orc
VICTORIA THIRD-FARTHING (1/12th of a Penny) Plenty of lusture. For use in Malta. S3960 1868 KardGeo
1965 1965 Pilgrim
1929 penny, aUNC, some signs of wear on the facial hair of george but bar a few spots full lustre 1929 ScottO
1694 farthing, would be fine but for the edge damage, however unbarred A's in britannia 1694 ScottO
1901 British Victoria Empress of India ATA Royal Army Temperance Medal. Silver 35MM. Obv: Bust... 1901 WWKT
1861 Halfpenny 1861 ikaros
Silver proof version of the 2007 Scouting Centenary fifty pence coin. 2007 LawrenceChard
1912 half sovereign 1912 Sylvester
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