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Silver proof official pattern pound coin, issued by the British royal Mint, part of a set of 4, 1... 2004 LawrenceChard
£5 in folder of issue 70th birthday of Queen Elizabeth Designed by Avril Vaughan 3 Flags... 1996 De-Orc
VICTORIA ONE THIRD-FARTHING (1/12th of a Penny) Minted for use in Malta. S3960 1881 KardGeo
The most beautiful British coin ever? In Britain and elsewhere, a number of Celtic tribes issues... 25 LawrenceChard
Two Pounds, 2004 Commemorative, Brilliant Uncirculated full lustre. Commemorating 200 years of... 2004 Master_Jmd
Duke of Wellington token or medallion, celebrates 7 of his victories. Obverse: Bust of the Duke... 1812 LawrenceChard
The rarest date of Victorian shield sovereign. We recently sold this coin. for a short time we... 1841 LawrenceChard
FDC = Fleur de Coin Club silver medallion, issued by the British Royal Mint to any of its direct... 2000 LawrenceChard
Anglesey 1787 1 Penny. Parys Mining Company. This is from Wales' most famous series of late... 1787 BCNumismatics
Official proof silver pattern for a proposed pound coin. Part of a set of 4, this one beign a... 2004 LawrenceChard
1 shilling. George V (1910-1936). Mintage 39,279,000 units. Ag925f. 5,65gr. 1915 podzemnik
Britain's first decimal coin issued for circulation! The famous Godless and Graceless florin,... 1848 LawrenceChard
The first date of brass threepence, and the world's first 12 sided (dodecagonal) coin. There... 1937 LawrenceChard
½ Penny Conder Token. The founder of Bath was Bladud. The reverse depicts a tea-urn and could... 1794 elverno
All Victoria Old Head sovereigns from 1893 to 1900 share the same obverse (head) design. The... 1900 LawrenceChard
Queen Victoria Full sovereign gold 7.988g 1895 chleafar
5 Pence, featuring a crowned thistle (formally, The Badge of Scotland), 18 mm, Cu-Ni (ref.... 1990 jurkovms
7.69 grams, 33.10 mm. London mint. Obv: Standing king on ship of state with shield and sword, in... 1361 gpnyc
1946 UK Halfpenny 1946 Pilgrim
Gilt Proof farthing P1269. Ex Dr Johnstone and Colin Cooke collection. 1799 Hussulo
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