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Victoria Regina 1849 WW One Florin (godless) 1849 coins123456
FDC = Fleur de Coin Club silver medallion, issued by the British Royal Mint to any of its direct... 2000 LawrenceChard
1624 James I, gold Quarter Laurel 1624 Sylvester
1899 Oriental British Silver Trade Dollar Coin, Bombay Mint. Obverse: Britannia standing on... 1899 Yeyong
Duke of Wellington token or medallion, celebrates 7 of his victories. Obverse: Bust of the Duke... 1812 LawrenceChard
Edward III Penny Pre-treaty Durham. Bishop Hatfield Crosier on reverse EDWARDVS REX ANGLI... 1361 geordie582
Gilt Proof farthing P1269. Ex Dr Johnstone and Colin Cooke collection. 1799 Hussulo
1361 Quarter Noble 1361 Sylvester
First of the series of National reverse designs on the British pound coins. This one has an... 1984 LawrenceChard
ENGLAND~AR Short-Cross Penny 1016-1035 AD. Anglo-Saxon coinage issued under Viking King:Cnut~The... 1016 Zantetsuken
Anglesey 1787 1 Penny. Parys Mining Company. This is from Wales' most famous series of late... 1787 BCNumismatics
Gold nobel from Edward III(1327-1377)This is a treaty period noble issued during the brief time... 1364 Krasnaya_Zvezda
1794 Halfpenny sized Conder Token The Union of Appledore Kent around windmill. Peace Innocence... 1794 AuldFartte
VICTORIA ONE THIRD-FARTHING (1/12th of a Penny) Minted for use in Malta. S3960 1881 KardGeo
GEORGE V THIRD-FARTHING (1/12th of a Penny) Plenty of lusture. For use in Malta. Last... 1913 KardGeo
1967 UK Halfpenny 1967 Pilgrim
1973 Charles 2nd Replica 9ct Gold Touch Piece. Diameter 20mm weight 2.4 grammes 1973 Hussulo
1941 UK Halfpenny 1941 Pilgrim
George 11 1745 LIMA 1/- 1745 Peter
Amazing grades! We grade this coin as AU, or if we were in a bad mood, EF (XF). Amazingly if was... 1821 LawrenceChard
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