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The quarter sovereign is a new British coin denomination. Obviously it resembles its big brother,... 2009 LawrenceChard
Detail of Halfpenny 1344 geordie582
Crown, CuNi, Coronation issue, edge inscription: + FAITH AND TRUTH I WILL BEAR UNTO YOU 1953 trantor_3
UK 1996 1 pound. Found it circulating in Australia. 1996 gxseries
silver unit of the Corieltauvi, a celtic tribe inhabiting the Lincolshire region of England pre... -50 Ian
Sovereign (1 pound) from era of Elizabeth I, 43 mm, Latin on back translates as This is the Lords... 1560 jurkovms
British Sovereign, 1966, Gold 1966 numfred
rare tin farthing of james II reverse is very corroded so date is impossible to identify BUT the... 1684 ScottO
Great Britain, 50 pence 2000. Queen Elizabeth II. 150th Anniversary - Public Library. 2000 Dok
Obv:- CNVT R-EX ANG, Helmeted bust left holding sceptre Rev:- AEDELRINE MO EOR, Short cross... 1024 maridvnvm
'The Award', one of two fifty pence designs issued in 2006 to commemorate the 150th anniversary... 2006 LawrenceChard
50p Celebrating 100 years of Girlguiding UK Designed by Jonathan Evans Queens head by IR... 2010 De-Orc
Very obvious and crude fake sovereign, 1894 Melbourne Mint, taken from the 'fakes' page of our... 1894 LawrenceChard
1986 UK Royal Mint Commemoration 1100 Years in Minting Medal. Silver: 65MM./149.2 gms. Mintage... 1986 WWKT
George 1V Farthing 2nd Head 1826 Peter
1966 Westminster Abbey 900th Anniversary Medallion Designed by renowned sculptor Michael... 1965 LawrenceChard
1924/25 UK Britannia Moneta (British Mint) Medal by John Langford Jones. Silver: 36MM./30.45 gms.... 1924 WWKT
2004 10p obverse 2004 Sylvester
Scottish Charles II (1649-1685) Scottish copper Turner or Bodle (twopence) 1663 issue. 19mm. 1663 constanius
Undated 1800's Farthing sized token. Isaac Earlysman Sparrow. Bust. Ironmonger Bishopsgate... 1800 AuldFartte
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