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2005 chrisild
Henry III Cut Short Cross Halfpenny Class 7c London Mint 1216 geordie582
Bare head or second type gold sovereign of George IV 1826 LawrenceChard
Charles I, Oxford Mint,1643 Crown V Large equestion portrait with grass on ground line,plume... 1643 Jeff
Victoria Shilling Jubilee 1887 Spink 3926 Smallhead type. There is a Proof variety as well but... 1887 RayCanada
1970 2/6 Half Crown Shield flanked by Intials Queen Elizabeth II 1970 De-Orc
Henry V1 Annulet issue 1422-27 S1849 Half Penny Calais Mint annulets at neck. 1400 Peter
Two views of the new British coin reverse designs. The left hand picture shows how the coins fit... 2008 LawrenceChard
Large 50.6mms, 74.0 grams, eighteen carat gold medallion, issued for the silver jubilee in 1972,... 1972 LawrenceChard
VF+ but an interesting one, i'm not 100%sure how real this is, some things look real (detail etc... 1992 ScottO
Gold Broad (twenty shillings) of Oliver Cromwell. All portrait coins of Cromwell are scarce.... 1656 LawrenceChard
½ Penny Conder token. Peace and Plenty.... 1793 elverno
1885 Victoria 1/3 Farthing. 1885 Hussulo
Queen Victoria (Jubilee Head), 5 Pounds (Quintuple Sovereigns), 1887 (One year type). 39.9403 g,... 1887 HKMAL
1930 Uk Halfpenny 1930 Pilgrim
Crown 1845 trantor_3
1872 halfpenny, worn and dug up, strange mark next to the 7 invisible to the eye, perhaps just... 1872 ScottO
1847 UK Victoria Young Head Silver Crown. 39MM./28.1gm. Mintage 141,000 Obv: Head left, legend... 1847 WWKT
KM-759, 1887 Great Britain 6 pence; silver, reeded edge; Victoria, withdrawn type, JEB on... 1887 sandy3075
KM-815, 1914 Great Britain 6 pence; silver, reeded edge; bright about uncirculated. 1914 sandy3075