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1792 ½ Penny Token, Great Britain. 1792 elverno
1897 UK Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee "The British Empire" Medal by Frank Bowcher. Gilt White... 1897 WWKT
1909 UK The Opening Town Hall Lancaster Medal. Bronze: 45MM. Obv: View of Town Hall, legend TO... 1909 WWKT
This is a 1913 Sovereign minted in London just a year before the start of World War I. A neat... 1913 Empire_Builder
1903 3d Love Token. Engraved on obverse with AHAH. 1903 Art
George IV Crown, Pistrucci design. NGC MS65. This design was disliked by King George IV. He asked... 1821 ahlbeback
1900 Great Britain, Florin, Victoria Old Head. 1900 AuldFartte
1746 George 11 1/2d VF 1746 Peter
This is probably the most familiar type gold guinea. It is the fifth portrait type of George III,... 1790 LawrenceChard
GEORGE IV A THIRD-FARTHING (1/12th of a PENNY) First minted in 1827 to be used in Malta to... 1827 KardGeo
2000 UK Official Millennium Greenwich Medal strunk by Tower Mint. Silver Proof: 45MM./39.2 gms.... 2000 WWKT
William the Conqueror Pax Penny 1066 ccg
Pattern 1/2 penny by Weyl plain edge bronzed copper. Extremely rare. PCGS PF66 ex. Terner/Lorich.... 1887 ahlbeback
1963 Shilling, English crest 1963 ikaros
Elizabeth 1 6d S2578 mm bell 1583 Peter
Rare 1905 Halfcrown Sold 1905 azda
1664 Charles II gold two guinea coin with elephant below bust denoting gold from The Africa... 1664 LawrenceChard
HENRY VII (1485-1509)Groat, London m.m. pansy, class IIIc, crown with one jewelled and one plain... 1485 KardGeo
British Conder Token, Middlesex, Skidmore's 522a. Obverse - St. Paul's Church Covent Gardens.... 1795 AuldFartte
UK5Pence-km937b-1996 1996 Vichaisun
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