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Gold monetary ingot by Kellogg & Humbert recovered from the S.S. Central America wreck in 1990, 8.21 Oz, .858 fine. Value in 1857, $145.61 (gold @ $20.67/ounce). The fate of the US Mail steamer SS Central America is well documented in several books (search Google) and articles. The recovery at around 7500 feet and subsequent ownership of the treasure was contested by several insurance companies, successors of the companies that insured the shipment of gold coins and ingots that were being transported from California to the east coast. The newly minted gold coins, some 7000 $20 gold pieces, from the San Francisco mint were intended to pump up the banking industry, and the monetary ingots, some 500 of those, were on there way to the mints of Europe to be turned into coins. They never made it and went to the bottom in September, 1857. Court actions finally completed in 2000, and sales of the treasure started in 2001. Today, there are a few of the heaviest ingots that come up for auction at prices well into the six or seven figures. The heaviest ingot, at almost 80 pounds of gold, was sold in 2001 for $8,000,000 (8 million) dollars! This is one of the smallest ingots recovered, from mold 1 of the five that K&H used, one of only 10 such mold 1 ingots out of over 500 K&H ingots recovered. As such, very rare. Some of the smaller mold 2 ingots, slightly heavier, have been sold recently for as much as $140,000. In demand by coin collectors and gold rush history buffs. See book by Gary Kinder, "Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea." To date, none of the mold 1 ingots (10 ounces or less) have been resold by their owners.

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