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KM-314, 2013 Germany (Federal Republic) 2 euro, Munich mint (D mint mark); Bi-metallic, reeded... Germany 2013
Laidlaw 1192, AM: 425, 1973 South Africa medal; copper-nickel, plain edge, 32.3 mm, 12.5 gr;... South Africa 1973
KM-546, 1942 British India 1/4 rupee, Calcutta mint; silver, reeded edge; George VI, uncirculated... India 1942
KM-547, 1944 British India 1/4 rupee, Bombay mint (diamont mint mark on reverse); silver,... India 1944
KM-825, 1930 Great Britain farthing; bronze, plain edge; George V, average red brown uncirculated. United Kingdom 1930
KM-164, 1948 Unites States of America 25 cents, Philadelphia mint (no mint mark); silver, reeded... USA 1948
KM-45, 1910 Italy (Kingdom) lira, Rome mint (R mint mark); silver, lettered edge; Vittorio... Italy 1910
KM-132, 1987 Germany (DDR) 10 mark, Berlin mint (A mint mark); copper-nickel-zinc, lettered edge;... Germany 1989
KM-18, 1910 Germany (Empire) 25 pfennig, Berlin mint (A mint mark); nickel, plain edge; Wilhelm... Germany 1910
Finland 1917 50 pennia. Nice condition!. Weight: 2.58g. Finland 1917
Finland 1917 25 pennia. Nice condition!. Weight: 1.31g. Finland 1917
KM-12, AN 13 (1816) Haiti 25 centimes; silver, crudely reeded edge; early Western Republic, crude... Haiti 1916
KM-14, AN 14 (1817) Haiti 12 centimes; silver, plain; early Western Republic, small bust,... Haiti 1817
KM-13, 1938 San Marino 10 centesimi, Rome mint (R mint mark); bronze, plain edge; last year of... San Marino 1938
KM-614, 1983 Portugal escudo; nickel-brass, plain edge; modern Republic issue, common, bright... Portugal 1983
China 10 yuan. 2020, Year of the Rat China 2020
China Gansu 1928 (ND) 10 cash. Cast pattern by Chinese warlord Kong Fan Jing. Weight: 6.29g China 1928
Russia 1992 LMD 10 ruble. This shows the "CCCP" mark. Struck in late 1991 and was accidentally... Russia 1992
Russia 1824 1 ruble. Nice grade however some scratches on "Moneta". Weight: 20.42g Russia 1824
Afghanistan 1830? Civic Copper Balkh AE Falus. Overstruck? Weight: 9.63g Afghanistan 1830
KM-912, 1977 Turkey 50 Lira; silver, reeded edge; FAO commemorative - Planned families issue,... Turkey 1977
KM-556, 1941 British India rupee, Bombay mint (dot mint mark); silver, security edge; George VI... India 1941
KM-17, 1918 Germany (Empire) 1/2 mark, Hamburg mint (J mint mark); silver, reeded edge; late... Germany 1918
KM-145, 1928 Unites States of America 25 cents, Denver mint (D mint mark); silver, reeded edge;... USA 1928
2 Euro KM#NEW 8.5000 g., Bi-Metallic Nickel-Brass center in Copper-Nickel ring, 25.75 mm.... San Marino 2019