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This is my English monarch set. I am currently trying to get one penny from each monarch from the accession of Alfred the Great in 871 to the abdication of Richard II in 1399.

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1918-P Standing Liberty Quarter MS64 FH 1918 USA
1918-P Standing Liberty Quarter 1918 USA
James II 1688 Half Guinea 1688 United Kingdom
1992 Ten Pence, Type 5 - AT/AT Variety. 1992 United Kingdom
1992 Type 5 Ten Pence, AT/AT Variety. 1992 United Kingdom
George II 1731 Roses and Plumes Sixpence 1731 United Kingdom
George II 1728 Roses and Plumes Sixpence 1728 United Kingdom
Standing Liberty Quarter 1927-P 1927 USA
Standing Liberty Quarter 1930P 1930 USA
George II (1727-1760) Half Guinea 1737 United Kingdom
Half Guinea 1714 United Kingdom
Anne (1702-1714) Half Guinea 1714 United Kingdom
Nero Denarius (68 CE) Struck in Nero's final year as Emperor. The coin has been defaced in... 68 Roman Empire
Trajan Denarius (98-117CE), Mars on the rev. 100 Roman Empire
2005 Pope John Paul II, 5 euro cents 2005 Vatican
Severus Alexander (222-235) Denarius. Annona on the Reverse. 232 Roman Empire
Domitian (91-96) Denarius. Minerva on Reverse. 91 Roman Empire
1804 Half cent 1804 USA
Antoninius Pius (138-161) Denarius 150 Roman Empire
1821 Bust Dime 1821 USA
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