Personal collection of about 15 years of collecting. I collect all US and world coins with main interests in Asian and European Coins and whatever else catches my interest, especially large copper coins. Photos taken with Canon Powershot SD1200 IS

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US, 1868 Rays Shield Nickel. Type set piece. 1868 USA
US, 1908-D Barber Quarter, Reverse scratches. 1908 USA
Germany, 1915-G 1 Mark, KM#14. 1915 Germany
Germany, 1915-A ½Mark, KM#17. 1915 Germany
Germany, 1906-A ½Mark, KM#17, Strange vertical lines behind eagles right wing. 1906 Germany
Germany, 1905-A ½Mark, KM#17. 1905 Germany
Germany, 1936-A 5 Reichspfennig, KM#39. 1936 Germany
Germany, 1924-A 2 Rentenpfennig, KM#31. 1924 Germany
Germany, 1936-A 5 Reichsmark, .900 Silver, KM#86. 1936 Germany
German-Empire, 1874-D 20 Pfennig, .900 Silver, KM#5. 1874 Germany
German States-Brunswick Wolfenbüttel, 1815-FR 1 Pfenning, KM#1050.2. 1815 Germany
Austria-Habsburg, 1849-A 6 Kreuzer, .4375 Silver, KM#2200. 1849 Austria
German States-Prussia, 1774-A 1/48 Thaler, .250 Silver, KM#327. 1774 Germany
German States-Prussia, 1843-A 2½ Silber Groschen, .375 Silver, KM#444. 1843 Germany
German States-Aachen, 1791 12 Heller, KM#51. 1791 Germany
German States-Oldenburg, 1862-B 3 Schwaren, KM#191, 12,000 Minted. 1862 Germany
German States-Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, 1860 1 Pfennig, KM#1154. 307,000 Mintage. 1860 Germany
German States-Saxony Albertine, 1866-B 2 Pfennige, KM#1217. 1866 Germany
German States-Prussia, 1865-A 1 Pfennig, KM# 480. 1865 Germany
South Korea, 1961(4294) 10 Hwan, KM#1, a few carbon spots on Reverse. 1961 Korea - South