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I collect United States coins mostly, but recently I became Interesetd in Old Jetons. I have some ancient coins.

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1803 Ecuador
1681 Consolacion Wreck 8 Real 1679 Ecuador
Silver Reales 1681 Consolacion Wreck Mint Potosi 1671 Ecuador
Senerus Alexander silver denaris 222 Italy
Constantine the Great bronze piece. 300 Italy
Roman silver denari 198 Italy
Tragen copper Minted in Siscia 98 Italy
Roman; Julia Domna Silver denari 193 Italy
Roman, Silver Denarii 193-211AD Septimius Severus 193 Italy
Marcus AureliusAR Denarius Siscia mint 159 Italy
Denar First crusades Valence 1025 Israel
1 Drachma From the time of Alexander the Great 1 Greece
From Askelon Year 10BC. Obv; Portrait of Cesar August Rev; Goddess Paanebal, holding spear... 10 Palestine
Pharonic coin from about 1000BC 1000 Egypt