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20 year old University of Toledo student here. Collection isn't high quality yet but I am making great progress. Pictures aren't great because I only have a scanner.

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1937 Lincoln Wheat Cent 1937 USA
1944-D 20 Centavos. Nice original toning of orange and gold. 1944 Philippines
1939 silver Half Crown. 1939 United Kingdom
1954 1 Centavo 1954 Honduras
1967 One Dollar from proof set. My favorite out of the set. 1967 Canada
1912-S U.S. Barber Half Dollar 1912 USA
This is a 1959-KN 1 Cent piece from East Africa. Lovely gold, pink, and yellow toning. 1959 East Africa
1956 1 Farthing. Great pink and rose toning on both sides. 1956 South Africa
1937 1 Farthing. Fantastic reverse toning of gold and pink. 1937 United Kingdom
1942 U.S. Mercury Dime. 1942 USA
1945-D 20 Centavos. 1945 Philippines
1946 5 Centavos 1946 Cuba
1944-S 20 Centavos 1944 Philippines
1972-S NGC PR68 CAMEO silver. 1972 USA
1952 1/4 Penny 1952 South Africa
1965 silver Half Crown. 1965 New Zealand
Toned 1926 Wheat Cent. Possible AT toning? 1926 USA
1816 U.S. Large Cent 1816 USA
2005 1oz silver bullion 2005 Australia
1909-VDB Lincoln Wheat Cent The VDB is located at the very bottom near the rim on the reverse.... 1909 USA
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