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I Collect coins by type. I started with Nickels since that's the easiest. I also collect Wheat Cents. Note: The pictures I have are not ACTUAL pictures of my coins. I do not have a scanner.

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50 Cents 1999 Australia
1 Franc 1942 France
1 Peso 1984 Mexico
Wheat Penny (D mint) 1956 USA
Wheat Penny (S mint) 1952 USA
Wheat Penny (S mint) 1948 USA
Wheat Penny 1947 USA
Wheat Penny 1946 USA
Wheat Penny 1945 USA
Wheat Penny 1944 USA
Wheat Penny 1944 USA
Steel Wheat Penny. (S mint) 1943 USA
Capped Bust Dime. 1.5 mm hole at top of obverse. Slightly bent. This picture isn't my exact coin. 1820 USA
Oregon State Quarter (P Mint) 2005 USA
10 Leke 1996 Albania
Indian Cent I am not really sure what year this is. This is the most scratched up coin I have... 1890 USA
Indian Cent 1901 USA
Indian Cent 1907 USA
Ocean in View Nickel (D Mint) 2005 USA
American Bison Nickel (D Mint) 2005 USA
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