My George V collection. His portrait fascinates me. Usually I collect modern Greece and Cyprus.

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One Australian Penny 1935. 1935 Australia
One Shilling from Australia. This coin was a pain to take a picture of, but I tried my best! 1917 Australia
5 Cents from Canada REX ET IND:IMP: Nickel 1929 Canada
One Canadian Cent 1916. This coin was cleaned when I bought it. Quite shiny, yet quite pretty as... 1916 Canada
One Cent from 1919 Newfoundland 1919 Canada
I wanted to buy me an uncleaned Canadian cent in addition to the cleaned one I got. So here it is. 1916 Canada
20 Cents from Newfoundland 1912 Canada
Half Piastre of Cyprus GEORGIVS V REX IMPERATOR CuNi 1934 Cyprus
9 Piastres from Cyprus REX ET IND:IMP: Silver 1919 Cyprus
A second half piastre coin from 1934 Cyprus with a die break around the digit 1. 1934 Cyprus
A medal for faithful service in the special constabulary. Special Constabulary is the part-time... 1930 Exonumia Europe
A sixpence from 1934. From the moment I had decided to collect George V coins, I had wanted one... 1934 Fiji
One Cent from Hong Kong. I love coins with writing in more than one language, so I was quite... 1923 Hong Kong
A Quarter Rupee from India. On the reverse Shamrock, Thistle, Rose and Lotus. Calcutta mint. 1914 India
1/2 Pice 1936 If only it weren't for that smudge on the obverse. 1936 India
1/4 Anna 1936 1936 India
Half a Rupee 1933 1933 India
A 1/24 of a Shilling. Since 1 Shilling has 12 Pence, this would be a half penny. 1931 Jersey
1/12 of a Shilling, meaning a penny from Jersey. 1911 Jersey
A penny from Jersey. This one is in quite good condition. Although I am always holding back when... 1933 Jersey
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