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5 euros Provincial Buildings Imatra power plant & Coat of arms of Karelia 2013 Finland
5 euros Provincial Buildings St. Olafs Castle & Coat of arms of Savonia 2013 Finland
5 euros Provincial Buildings Church of St. Lawrence in Janakkala The people of Häme have used... 2013 Finland
5 euros Land of Water Images of wildlife/fishes and plants 2013 Austria
5 euros Dutch Heritage series #2 The Rietveld Schröderhuis 3d design of the Rietveld... 2013 Netherlands
5 euros 300 years of the Treaty of Utrecht 2013 Netherlands
2 euro 150th Anniversary of Parliament of 1863 2013 Finland
£2 Britannia 2013 United Kingdom
£2 150th Anniversary of the London Underground The Train 2013 United Kingdom
£2 150th Anniversary of the London Underground The Roundel 2013 United Kingdom
50p Christopher Ironside 2013 United Kingdom
5 euros Peace Palace 100 Years 1st coin of King Willem Alexander 2013 Netherlands
5 euros Provincial Buildings Ostrobothnian house & Coat of arms of Ostrobothnian 2013 Finland
£1 The Floral Pound the rose and the oak representing England 2013 United Kingdom
£1 The Floral Pound the leek and the daffodil representing Wales 2013 United Kingdom
£2 The 350th Anniversary of the Guinea 2013 United Kingdom
$z2 Zombucks Morgue Anne The Currency of the Apocalypse :-) 2013 Exonumia North America
5 euro Northern nature - summer 2013 France
2 Euros 2400th Anniversary of the founding of Plato’s Academy 2013 Greece
2 euro 100th Anniversary of the union of Crete with Greece 2013 Greece