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321-187Bc Mauryan Empire Drachm -321 India
300-250 BC. MASSALIA (Marseilles) Gallo-Greek seaport, SE France River god head Marseilles... -250 France
150-75BC Sunga Empire Bronze 14 karshapana Lakshmi standing, various devices in field, Wheel... -150 India
After 104 BC Ilergetes Iberian Celts Ceca Iltirta Male bust right, three dolphins swimming... -104 Spain
50-40 BC Nipple Potin Cantii Found Braughin Hearts UK 1.31g VA 139.01 CCI98.1029 -50 United Kingdom
46Bc Roman Republican denarius of Mn Cordius Rufus Rome Crested Corinthian helmet, owl on... -46 Roman Empire
37-41Ad Caligula Struck 39Ad AE quadrans C CAESAR DIVI AVG PRON AVG, S-C flanking small... -37 Roman Empire
32-31Bc Mark Antony Legionary Denarius ANT AVG III VIR RPC Praetorian galley right LEG XV... -32 Roman Empire
80-20 BC Montlaures Southern France Cross dividing coin into four quarters Head? Monnaies a... -20 France
20 BC Primary Ruler, Cunobelin Secondary ruler, Tasciovanus Trinovantes Unit Mans head... -20 United Kingdom
20 BC Primary Ruler, Cunobelin Secondary ruler, Tasciovanus Trinovantes Unit warrior on... -20 United Kingdom
20 BC Trinovantes Ruler, Tasciovanus Horse Celtic swirls 0.62g VA 1812.01 type -20 United Kingdom
3 BC Danube Basin Philip III Imitation Drachm Head of Herakles facing right in lionskin... -3 Austria
1 BC Bohemia, Moravia, Western Slovakia, Silesia, Transalpine Gaul & Pannonia Boii AR... -1 Austria
Unknown Date Godaji trishul 1 Kori Kutch 0 India
Unknown Date Jodhpur State Rajashthan 2 Paisa 0 India
Around 65 to 50 BC Uniface Tree like trophy concaved Possibly Gaulish 0.67g Chris Rudd's... 0 Unknown
Possibly Ecini tribal Billion found Wetton Norfolk 0.83g Purchased Chris rudd 0 United Kingdom
Unidentified Gaulish Horse Found near Dover 1.38g 0 France
Amir of Sinds Circa 870-1030ad Silver damma Possibly Multan mint 0 India
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