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I'm from Scotland (not USA). Mainly prefer modern coins. Inherited most of my older coins from an old collection.

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50th anniversary of the first sub-four-minute mile by Roger Bannister 2004 United Kingdom
'Abolition of the Slave Trade' two pound coin Edge: 'AM I NOT A MAN AND A BROTHER' 2007 United Kingdom
USA 'James Madison' dollar 2008 USA
Isle of Man silver proof wedding anniversary crown (25 pence) 1972 Isle of Man
St.Thomas 2000 dobra silver proof millennium coin. Features a year 2000 calender on reverse 1998 Sao Tome & Principe
Jersey ten pence 2002 Jersey
Jersey poind coin. 'Resolute 1877' 1998 Jersey
Isle of Man fifty pence. Worst. Idea. Ever. 1998 Isle of Man
Isle of Man penny 1989 Isle of Man
Gibraltar pound coin 2002 Gibraltar
British pound coin Welsh Dragon. Find this to be in pretty good condition for its age so kept it. 1995 United Kingdom
Ireland 1 euro 2002 Ireland
Irish five cent 2006 Ireland
South Africa 1 rand 1994 South Africa
UAE 1 dirham 9999 United Arab Emirates
British pre-decimal three pence 1954 United Kingdom
British George VI pre-decimal three pence 1944 United Kingdom
USA 'Standing Liberty' 25 cent 1925 USA
New style British pound coin 2008 United Kingdom
New style 'inverted' British 50 pence 2008 United Kingdom
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