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This is a nice place to put my collection of Bust halves to share with other collectors. Most are raw but some are certified and all are fun!

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A nice VF reeded edge bust half dollar, with the "Half Dol." denomination. 1838 USA
A nice G 1804 plain 4 draped bust half cent. 1804 USA
A nice VG/F example of the Classic Head half cent. 1828 USA
A nice VF example of the braided hair half cent, the last half cent design minted by the United... 1853 USA
A nice Draped Bust large cent in Good. 1807 USA
A AG/G example of a classic head large cent, not easy to find! 1810 USA
A nice VF/XF example of the Matron Head large cent. 1836 USA
A nice VF braided hair large cent, toward the end of the run. 1854 USA
A VF Flying Eagle cent, patterned after Gobrecht's reverse for the dollar of 1836, this was a... 1828 USA
A 1-year type for the Indian cent, with laurel wreath reverse minted in 1859. 1859 USA
A second type of Indian cent, the copper-nickel with oak wreath and shield reverse (this reverse... 1863 USA
The final version of the Indian cent in bronze, minted from 1864-1909 1907 USA
A nice 1867 2-cent piece, a short lived series, but easy to collect! 1867 USA
A nice example of the 3-cent silver piece minted from 1851-73. 1852 USA
A first-year example of the 3-cent nickel, which was minted contemporaneously with the 3-cent... 1865 USA
A nice example of the more common overdate variety, the O-101a 1814/13 half dollar. 1814 USA
A nice early seated half dime, with stars, no drapery. 1838 USA
A with arrows half dime from the type set. Arrows were used to denote the change in weight from... 1853 USA
Final half dime type, legend on the obverse from the first year of the Civil War. 1861 USA
First nickel five cent coin, the 1866 with rays shield nickel! 1866 USA
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