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This is a nice place to put my collection of Bust halves to share with other collectors. Most are raw but some are certified and all are fun!

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A nice VF reeded edge bust half dollar, with the "Half Dol." denomination. 1838 USA
A nice early seated half dime, with stars, no drapery. 1838 USA
1837 Zs 8-reales 1837 Mexico
A reeded edge capped bust half dollar with the denominatin "50 cents" from the type set. 1837 USA
A wonderful transition, the last year of the lettered edge bust halves. 1836 USA
A beautifully album toned lettered edge bust, from the last year of issue. This has likely been... 1836 USA
This is a cleaned example of the Redbook variety 1836/1336, but a relatively common die marriage,... 1836 USA
A nice VF/XF example of the Matron Head large cent. 1836 USA
Capped bust dime for the type set! 1836 USA
A nicely toned AU example of the relatively common O-114 die marriage. 1836 USA
A nice XF example of a classic head half eagle. 1836 USA
A nice 1835 Bust Half I recently purchased, a nice VF. 1835 USA
A nice VF for the Album! Common O-106 R1 1835 USA
A nice XF classic head half eagle ($5 gold) 1835 USA
Nice 1834 half from an earlier die set, with experimental reeded edge in VF. This one is the... 1834 USA
A very beautifully album toned example of a relatively common die marriage. Lots of luster... 1834 USA
A nice F, small date, small letters variety. O-118, R4 1834 USA
A nice original VF small date, small letters variety of a pretty common die marriage. 1834 USA
Finally picked this one up with my tax refund for not much over melt! 1834 USA
A nice 1834 Bust quarter for the type set. 1834 USA
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