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Scarcer copper jeton of Jean DesEssartz, Doyen (Dean) of the Faculty of Medecine, Paris 1776 - 1777. 1777 France
Hippocrates of Cos silver jeton of the Bordeaux Societe de Medecin. Incredible 3D portrait of... 1858 France
Hippocrates of Cos silver jeton of the Paris Public Health Authority. Pelican nurturing chicks... 1880 France
Silver jeton of the Paris School of medecine. Aesculapius obverse/ serpent reverse. I'venot got... 1832 France
Silver jeton struck for the Comite Assureurs Maritimes de paris (Maritime assurers). This one... 1860 France
silver jeton for the Academy of Rheims. This one was struck sometime between 1845 - 1860. 1860 France
Louis XVI by Droz on a silver jeton issued for the `Comite Occitanie'(Languedoc ). This jeton... 1783 France
`Asie' (32mm). Struck in brass (and chemically darkened) for the Paris International Exposition... 1931 France
Silver jeton struck for La Monnoye de Rouen (the mint at Rouen). Obverse Louis XVI by Duvivier.... 1787 France
Copper jeton issued for the Sainte Genevieve church in Paris. Obverse shows St Gen. standing with... 1702 France
24 sols (1/5th ecu) of young Louis XV, minted at Montpelier (N mint mark). 1726 France
Reunion Isle 50 cents. Reunion lies 200 miles east of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean and is... 1896 France
Gros a l'O rond of Philippe IV (Le Bel) de France. Chatel Tournois type. 1285 France
G. Honore Riquetti, Compte de Mirabeau by Gatteaux. A famous french `revolutionary' much loved by... 1822 France
1796 France
L'an 4 (1795) copper 2 Decimes. A well worn example that looks as though it has been through a... 1795 France
Nice example of a counterstamp `Un' decime on a 2 decime host dated L'an5 (1796). Note that the... 1796 France
a low grade example of a one decime overstruck on a 2 decime host. The overstrike shows the host... 1796 France
copper Decime minted at Paris. 1796 France
Nice example of a copper Decime minted at Strasbourg (BB mint mark). 1796 France