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1858 Canada 20 cent piece. 1 year issue. 1858 Canada
British halfcrown, toned. aEF 1820 United Kingdom
South Africa Proof 6d sixpence. PCGS PR67. Mintage 16,000 1952 South Africa
1941 50 cents, toned. PCGS MS-63 1941 Canada
1694 William and Mary, Halfpenny 1694 United Kingdom
5 Soles 1977 Peru
Canada large cent, Queen Victoria. PCGS MS64RB, with die break and slightly cracked planchet at... 1896 Canada
Indo Greek Scythian Pakistan. AR Drachm. Azes II 36BC-AD5. Obv: King on horseback rev: Zeus... 5 Pakistan
Billon tetradrach, Alexandrian Egypt, Probus Yr-3 AD 277/8. 277 Egypt
Barbarous radiate AE Ant. Tetricus I circa 270's. Rev: possibly Fortuna with the rudder 270 Roman Empire
AR ANT. Postumus 260-268 AD. Rev: Moneta 260 Roman Empire
James I sixpence, Lis mintmark. 1623-24. 1624 United Kingdom
Victorian half crown, some toning on the reverse. 1900 United Kingdom
Victorian large cent, red and brown. 1901 United Kingdom
AR drachm, Sassanid Empire. Khusru II AD 591-632. gVF 591 Unknown
Notgeld, Stadt Duren. 10 pfennig 1918 Germany
1694 Farthing. William and Mary. 1694 United Kingdom
1905 Large Canadian cent. About 80% red on the obverse, 60% red on the reverse. Graded MS-63RB... 1905 USA
50 cent piece, Columbus commemorative. 1893 USA
1919 Silver 25 cent piece. George V 1919 Canada
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