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Afghanistan is an ancient country with a long history, too long for us to attempt to recount... 1978 Afghanistan
Ancient Kushan gold stater of King Kanishka I, 127 - 152 AD. Obverse shows King Kanishka standing... 128 Afghanistan
1967 Albanian gold 100 Franga Ari, featuring Ahmet Zogu, President Ahmed Zoguwho in 1928 went... 1927 Albania
Kilo gold semi-proof (whatever that means!) commemorative coin from Alderney, with an issue limit... 2004 Albania
1999 Alderney
2003 Alderney
Coronation Procession on 2002 Alderney silver proof five pound crown. Another from the Golden... 2002 Alderney
Sword of State on Aldarney silver proof crown for the Golden Jubilee. 2002 Alderney
2003 Alderney
The Mary Rose is featured on the reverse of this silver proof crown, part of a Channel Islands... 2003 Alderney
2000 Alderney
With an issue limit of 125 pieces, this large gold coin is also attractive. Issued for the 125th... 1999 Alderney
2002 Alderney
2003 Alderney
2001 Alderney
1997 Alderney
1993 Alderney
Another 1 kilo gold proof coin, also from Alderney. this is to commemorate the bicentenary of... 2005 Alderney
2005 Alderney
2002 Alderney
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