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光緒元寶 (KUANG HSU YUAN BAO), CHEH-KIANG PROVINCE, 7 Mace and 2 Candareens, 40mm, 3mm, 27g.,... 1897 China
光緒元寶 (KUANG HSU YUAN BAO), 20-Cent Silver Coin, 33rd Year of Kuang Hsu, Manchurian... 1907 China
攵久永宝 (BUNKYU EIHO), Reverse:“當一百”, 38 Nami (Waves), 100 Mon, 43mm, 2mm, 24g.,... 1863 Japan
慶應通寳 (KEIO TSUHO), Reverse: "Two for One Li in Silver", 43mm, 3mm, 28g., Gilt, Minted in... 1865 Japan
太平天国 (Tai Ping Tian Guo), Reverse: "聖寶" (Sheng Bao), 72mm, 5mm, 140g., Gilt Charm,... 1853 China
Silver coin, 阿州通宝(十匁銀札), 徳島藩, 江戸時代後期.... 1862 Japan
寶永通寶 (Hoei Tsuho), 10 Mon, Gilt, 38mm, 2mm., 20g., Shichijo, Kyoto (1708-1709).... 1708 Japan
庆元通宝 (Qing Yuan Tong Bao), 74mm, 4mm, 104g., Gold Gilded in Cast Iron, Emperor Ning... 1195 China
20-Cent Silver Coin, First Year of Hsuan Tung, Manchurian Provinces. 1909 China
順治通寶 (Shun Zhi Tong Bao ), Reverse: 天下太平 (Tian Xia Tai Ping), Imperial Palace... 1644 China
Kuang Hsu Yuan Bao (光緒元寶), ONE LIANG, Pei Yang, Silver, 44mm, 33rd Year of Kuang Hsu.... 1907 China
"The Ray Mah Friendship Medal", Designed by Norman Williams and The North Shore Numismatic... 2005 Canada
秋田鍔銭 (Akita Tsubasen), 100 Mon, 51mm x 46mm, 3mm, 50g., Gilt. SCARCE!... 1863 Japan
慶應通寳 (KEIO TSUHO), Reverse: “貳百”(200 Mon), 37mm, 2mm, 18g., Gilt, Trial Coin... 1865 Japan
春宫花錢 (Erotic Charm), Gilt, 69mm, 6mm, 108g. Ming Dynasty(1368-1644).... 1600 China
Zhao Na Xin Bao "招納信寶", Reverse: Shi "使", 27mm, 1mm, Copper. The top character on the... 1131 China
Hong Kong Five Cents, QES, Reeded Edge, Nickel-brass. 香港伍仙 1978 Hong Kong
大明嘉靖甲辰 (Da Ming Jia Jing Jia Chen), Reverse: "銀作局銀五刄" (5 Qian in Silver),... 1544 China
安邑半釿布 (Anyi Half Jin Bubi), Spade Coin, State of Wei(Liang) in Warring States... -400 China
Qian Qiu Wan Sui, Reverse: Guo Tai Ren An, Chinese Charm in bronze, 30mm, 2mm, Liao... 1031 China
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